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29 N. Carolina legislators endorse Obama

RALEIGH, N.C. — U.S. Sen. Barack Obama won the endorsement of 29 North Carolina state legislators on Tuesday, a significant boost to his candidacy ahead of the state's May 6 primary.

Led by Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand and former Speaker of the House Dan Blue of Raleigh, the lawmakers repeated the same lines as others who have endorsed Obama — that the Illinois senator can bring people together and ignite change across the country.

Blue also challenged the Clinton campaign to remain positive in North Carolina, saying he had seen nothing but negativity so far in Pennsylvania.

"I hope this is not what we can should expect to come to North Carolina in the next two weeks," Blue said. "Tired old political tactics aren't going to bring about the kind of change we need."

Blue and Rand said their support comes in part because they think Obama will help Democrats win other offices in the state and because he has committed to win in North Carolina in November's general election.

Rand praised Obama for speaking directly. "He won't just tell everyone what they want to hear," Rand said. "He'll tell people what they need to hear."

He said the group will raise money and stump for Obama if they are asked. And he praised Obama's ability to raise millions of dollars in part on the strength of $100 donations.

"We're prepared to do whatever. I mean, I'll give him a hundred," Rand said.

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