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Dean: Fla. Dems will have Denver hotel rooms — and seats

WASHINGTON — National Democratic party chief Howard Dean, under fire for not resolving the Democrats' delegate debacle, Wednesday offered nervous Floridians one bit of hope: Hotel rooms have been reserved in Denver for the state's delegates.

Dean, who met behind closed doors with Florida's Democratic congressional delegation, offered the confirmation of hotel rooms as assurances that Florida's votes will be counted.

But it doesn't bring the situation any closer to resolution. Dean noted it was still going to be up to the rival presidential campaigns "to find a fair solution."

"It is our intention to do everything we can and we believe we will absolutely seat the delegation at the convention in Denver," Dean said. "It is in everyone's absolute interest to see that happens."

U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, an uncommited Florida superdelegate, said he was pleased with the meeting, which came after weeks of angst over the fate of Florida's delegates.

"I think the commitment is there now to make sure that Florida's delegates are counted," Klein said.

He said the delegation sought the meeting with Dean because of the "concern based on cable news network discussions that Florida's delegates weren't going to be counted."

"We've pretty much had assurances all along, but this was an opportunity to bring full circle with the DNC the opportunity to say that Florida was going to be counted," Klein said.

But he noted, "It's up to the two candidates to ultimately make a deal."

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