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Pelosi hangs firm on superdelegates despite donor protests

SAN JOSE — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday that she won't back down under pressure from wealthy party donors on her insistence that the Democratic Party must select a presidential nominee based on results of state primaries and caucuses — not on the whim of the party's "superdelegates."

Pelosi came under fire this week from leading Democratic donors supporting the candidacy of New York Sen. Hillary Clinton after she said in an ABC News interview that superdelegates shouldn't overturn the will of voters. Twenty wealthy Clinton supporters and fundraisers, including Esprit co-founder Susie Tompkins Buell, Black Entertainment Television founder Robert L. Johnson and media mogul Haim Saban, signed a letter to Pelosi on Wednesday warning her against making such "declarative statements."

In a brief interview Friday, Pelosi said she was unmoved by the donors' criticism. Asked whether her position would be influenced by the letter, she said: "To the contrary."

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