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Texans caucus again today — and they can change sides

On Saturday, tens of thousands of Texans who became Democratic presidential delegates March 4 will head to senatorial district conventions, where they will support their choice for president again and try to move on to the state convention to keep rooting for their pick.

There's no statewide or local tally that has been released to show which candidate is leading, although early, incomplete reports give Obama an edge.

Some say the counts don't matter for now, because delegates aren't locked in to their original choice. And many — from campaign volunteers to fellow delegates — may try to sway their minds.

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Hundreds of thousands of Democrats statewide showed up early Saturday for district conventions. Many said they'd never taken part in a senatorial convention before. The close race between Obama and Clinton for the Democrats' presidential nomination means that every delegate matters, and the Senate conventions are dividing 67 delegates _ more than enough to give Obama a majority of the state's delegates even though Clinton won 51 percent of the primary vote on March 4.

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