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Clinton touts job training proposals

RALEIGH - Sen. Hillary Clinton chose Wake Technical Community College today to call attention to her proposal to spend $12.5 billion over five years to train and educate workers.

"We may be competing in a new global economy, but our policies to equip American workers for the 21st century are stuck back in the 20th," she told an audience of at least 600.

She praised the retraining programs at Wake Tech.

"This campus is a place that has struggled to help people find work in a changing economy," she said. "This school and its spirit really represent what is best about our country. We embrace challenge; we don't turn away from it."

She reiterated her positions on wider issues, winning applause as she called for universal health care coverage. She also repeated her call for an end to tax breaks for oil companies, more investment in green companies and a renegotiation of NAFTA.

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