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Out of bounds! Paul pushes NAFTA highway myth

Throw the flag against: Ron Paul.

Call: Unsportsmanlike conduct.

What happened: In an anti-NAFTA radio ad that's airing in Iowa, Paul denounces "powerful elites" who "want to completely erase our borders with Canada and Mexico. These special interests threaten us with a total loss of sovereignty. The NAFTA superhighway, a part of this scheme, has threatened to force thousands off their land. Some believe the highway's path will go right through Iowa. As your president, I will stop all efforts to take away America's freedom. I have always opposed and will continue to fight against NAFTA and the North American Union."

On the campaign trail, Paul has denounced "secret funding" for the superhighway, which he described as 12 lanes wide, stretching from Mexico to Canada.

Why that's wrong: There is no NAFTA superhighway being built or in the planning stages, and no sovereignty-busting North American Union, according to federal, state and local officials. They call it an Internet urban myth spread by nativist commentators who combine legitimate efforts to improve the nation's transportation infrastructure with their rabble-rousing conspiracies.

Penalty: Lower Paul's reputation for honesty by 15 yards.