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Out of bounds! Huckabee misstates his tax record

Throw the flag against: Mike Huckabee.

Call: Illegal substitution.

What happened: Accused during a debate Wednesday of raising taxes, Huckabee left the impression that he raised only one. "I was governor nearly 11 years, and in that time I cut 90 taxes," he said. "Over that period of time, the income tax remained exactly what it was. The sales tax is one penny higher."

Why that's wrong: While he did preside over many tax reductions, he failed to mention the 21 tax increases on his watch. Factcheck.org says he presided over a net tax increase. The newspaper Arkansas Democrat-Gazette says the state's taxes went up by $505 million in one year, adjusted for inflation, and that the average Arkansan's tax burden went from $1,969 to $2,902.

Penalty: Five yards off his credibility — and one tax deduction.

— By Steven Thomma