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Romney, Dems use online auctions to make points

WASHINGTON — Need flip-flops? Democrats have 'em!

Or at least, they think they have Mitt Romney's. The party is peddling a "Mitt Romney Flip Flop Kit (Special Edition)," as it aims to spoof the Republican presidential candidate's "Mitt Market."

Romney's online market is a place where folks can sell stuff they no longer want and give the proceeds to the former Massachusetts governor's presidential campaign.

"From bicycles that the kids have outgrown, to old electronics or baseball cards," the Web site declares, "your stuff may be someone else's treasure."

By selling stuff this way, the site says, "you have another method of contributing to the campaign beyond check or credit card."

Hmm, said the Dems. Not a bad idea. So on Friday the Romney kit appeared on e-Bay. It includes a "limited edition DVD of some of Romney's more infamous flip-flops," as well as flip-flop flash cards "so you can study on all of Mitt Romney's various positions."

Romney spokesman Kevin Madden thought the whole idea had the earmarks of a flop: "I would put a list of actual Democratic accomplishments in this year's Congress up for bid on e-Bay, too, if I could," he said, "but there aren't any."


To see the Mitt Market, go to: http://www.mittromney.com/MittMarket

To see the Mitt Romney Flip Flop Kit, go to: www.ebay.com and type in "Mitt Romney Flip Flop Kit " in the search field.