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Miami Herald, McClatchy join forces with news outlets to encourage whistle-blowers

The Miami Herald and its parent company, McClatchy, are joining forces with the Signals Network, a team of news outlets from around the globe that have pledged to work together on major investigations.

The Herald and McClatchy join a number of respected news organizations, including Great Britain’s Daily Telegraph, the French news site Mediapart, Germany’s Die Zeit, the Spanish daily El Mundo, and the “adversarial journalism” site The Intercept in seeking information from whistle-blowers, especially in the technology industry.

Whistle-blowers play an increasingly important role in journalism, especially at a time when big data has transformed lives, sometimes in positive ways, but often not. Big data can be misused by authoritarian regimes to quash dissent, by crooks to steal identities, even by political bad actors to manipulate the democratic process.

Editors gather at the continuous news desk at the Miami Herald’s new newsroom in Doral, Florida, on Tuesday, June 4, 2013. CARL JUSTE Miami Herald Staff

The news media can act as a counterbalance — but only if we hear from you. We are providing various ways to reach out to any and all of the media outlets that make up the Signals Network. They can be found here.

If you believe the public is being harmed, exploited or misled, we want to hear from you.

If you want your story to have the chance to reach a global audience of millions of people in four languages (English, French, German, Spanish), make sure to include the words “The Big Data Call” when you make contact with us.