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Today in Trump tweets: January 25, 2017

President Donald Trump called for a “major investigation into voter fraud” Wednesday, although several news outlets reported such an investigation would implicate one of his senior advisers and state election organizations had failed to find proof of the widespread rigging he had repeatedly claimed since the election.

Trump had told lawmakers Monday that 3 million to 5 million “illegal” voters had cost him the popular vote, though no state election organizations have found any evidence of such fraud. A group of news outlets that independently monitored the election also found no indication of vote rigging, and PolitiFact gave Trump a “pants on fire” rating for his claim, which he has repeatedly stated since winning the election.

The examples of voter fraud Trump described also had to do with voting registration rather than actual voting: He objected to those registered to vote twice, those registered to vote illegally, or those registered to vote even though they are deceased — situations that are often the result of outdated state voting rolls rather than deliberate deception.

Trump’s own senior adviser Stephen Bannon had an active voter registration in Florida though he cast an absentee ballot in the 2016 election as a voter from New York City, the Miami Herald reported. Bannon was removed from the voter roll in Sarasota County Wednesday.

And Bannon wasn’t the only one: Treasury secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin is registered in California and New York, and Trump’s daughter Tiffany was reigstered in Pennsylvania and New York.

Trump also provided more detail on his upcoming Supreme Court nominee announcement, which he said Tuesday would arrive sometime next week:

Press secretary Sean Spicer told the White House press corps that Trump was still deliberating over his choice, and declined to specify how many remain on the judicial shortlist. Spicer said the nominee to be announced next week, however, will “represent the kind of people” Trump continues to nominate to the high court and to the lower federal courts.

Trump’s pick would fill the seat belonging to late Justice Antonin Scalia, which has remained vacant for nearly a year.

The president also praised the Dow Jones industrial average rising over 20,000 for the first time.

Though supporters were quick to point to the milestone as proof of Trump’s positive effect on the stock market, the average has been rising since March 2009, when it hit its lowest point after the 2008 recession.

Trump also announced he’ll be appearing on ABC News Wednesday night in an interview with David Muir.

Trump posted a video of the full speech he delivered at the Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday morning.

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