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Obama says farewell at same moment Trump signs first executive order

Now former President Barack Obama delivered remarks in a farewell event with his staff at Joint Base Andrews following President Donald Trump’s inauguration at the same moment Trump starting signing his first executive orders as president.

It is unclear what the executive orders said at press time. The White House website, which was updated with Trump’s policies during the inauguration, contained no information on the orders.

Trump aides have told CNN that Trump will sign ceremonial and logistical executive orders on Friday, but he could also be signing more policy-oriented orders.

Obama’s speech was consistent with most of his farewell speeches, telling the crowd that he had faith in the America people and their ability to do good together.

Following the event, Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama boarded a plane to Palm Springs, California.

“He and his family have enjoyed the time they spent there in the past, and they're looking forward to traveling there on Friday,” former White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said earlier this week.