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As President Trump takes power, Twitter transitions, too

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Donald Trump has been sworn in as the president – and all of the digital aspects of the presidency have been transferred to the new administration.

The @POTUS Twitter account now belongs to the Trump administration with former President Barack Obama’s tweets as president now archived at @POTUS44. Trump, a prolific user of Twitter, sent his first tweet from the account on Friday afternoon.

While the profile picture has been updated to President Trump, the background photo was originally from Obama’s inauguration. It has since been updated to an American flag and then to a picture of Trump in the White House.

Trump has said he would keep his personal Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, which has more than 20.6 million subscribers. The @POTUS account had 3.8 million followers shortly after the inauguration. Obama’s personal account, @BarackObama, has 80.8 million followers.

Obama was the first President to have an official presidential twitter account.

In addition, the @VP account has been moved from Joe Biden to Mike Pence with Biden’s tweets archived at @VP44. Likewise the @FLOTUS account is now under Melania Trump’s name, while former first lady Michelle Obama’s tweets are archived at @FLOTUS44.

President Obama was the 44th president, hence the “44” designation.

WhiteHouse.gov has also been changed over and updated with Trump’s biography, policies and administration. On the home page there is a picture of Trump and a variation of his campaign statement: “Let’s Make America Great Again, Together.”

The site is still being worked on. The part of the site to request financial disclosures is “being updated.”

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