The world thinks Americans are violent, greedy, arrogant — and Americans agree

The world sees Americans as violent, greedy and arrogant.
The world sees Americans as violent, greedy and arrogant. AP

A worldwide survey found that majorities of people in the U.K., Canada, Spain and Australia think of Americans as violent, greedy and arrogant.

The poll, conducted by the Pew Research Center, found that a median of 54 percent of people in countries surveyed associated the negative trait of arrogance with Americans. Fifty-two percent associate greed, and 48 percent say Americans are violent.

People in Australia and Greece were most likely to see Americans as being violent, while those in India were the least likely to view U.S. citizens that way.

Americans themselves don’t deny these attributions: Fifty-five percent said Americans are arrogant, 57 percent said they are greedy and 42 percent said they are violent. Those views vary by political affiliation, with Democrats associating Americans with those characteristics more than Republicans do.

The starkest contrast comes with the attribute of violent, with 50 percent of Democrats associating that trait with Americans and only 29 percent of Republicans doing so.

The survey polled 20,132 respondents in 16 countries from April 4 to May 29, 2016.