Cuba's 'Ladies in White' vow to continue protest marches

Their numbers are dwindling, and there's even a call for Cuba's Ladies in White to disband now that the government has promised to release the jailed dissidents whose freedom they demanded.

Yet the group's leaders are vowing that they will continue marching through Havana's streets on Sundays until all Cuban political prisoners are freed. And they are urging relatives of other prisoners to join them.

"The road is the liberation of all peaceful political prisoners. That's the road, and it has to be followed," said spokeswoman Berta Soler, who estimated 50 to 60 will remain in prison after the 52 whose release they had sought are freed.

"We are calling on the relatives of the rest to come with us and march. And we will welcome any other women who want to march with us and demand liberty for the men," Soler added Monday.

"Our voices, our marches, our legs, will not stop as long as there's a single peaceful political prisoner," added Laura Pollán, another Ladies in White leader. They spoke by phone from Havana.

Another eight jailed dissidents were to be freed and flown to Spain Monday, bringing to 19 the number of prisoners released by the Raul Castro government as part of his promise to free the 52 over four months.

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