Cuban exiles in Spain considering U.S. move

Two newly freed Cuban political prisoners arrived in Madrid on Wednesday, joining seven others just beginning to feel the shock of leaving their country and to consider whether they want to stay in Spain or move on to the United States.

One of the latest arrivals, Omar Rodriguez Saludes, told reporters he feels "like I was still in prison" because "I left behind part of my family. I feel like I still have the cuffs on my hands."

Rodriguez, 45, and Normando Hernandez, 40, arrived Wednesday and were expected to be followed soon by Luis Milan and Mijail Barzaga. They would join the seven other political prisoners who were freed earlier this week and flown to Spain.

Hernandez held a tearful reunion with his mother, Blanca Gonzalez, who flew in from Miami. "I am very tense, very nervous, very emotional," Gonzalez said.

Hernandez said that while he was ecstatic to see his mother, "I am an emotional wreck, and physically also. This has been terrible. I would not wish it on anyone."

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