Criticism of Chavez government will continue, says Globovision president

Guillermo Zuloaga has no plans of laying low as an international fugitive.

Facing arrest in Venezuela, the president of Globovision — the nation's last TV station openly critical of the government — said he'll travel the world and continue pressing the Hugo Chavez administration as the country gears up for legislative elections on Sept. 26.

"We would be critical of whoever was in power," said Zuloaga, who was in Miami on Tuesday. "But this government has been a complete failure."

Venezuela has one of the highest murder rates in the Americas, the steepest inflation in the region and is saddled with a shrinking economy. Despite reaping billions in oil wealth over the last decade, infrastructure is poor, and power outages and food shortages have become a way of life, Zuloaga said.

"The Venezuelan population is fed up and everybody is waiting for the [legislative] elections," he said. "The pressure on the government is going to be higher and higher and higher."

Pressure on Zuloaga, 68, peaked in March when he was briefly detained for criticizing the government during an event in Aruba. In June, the courts dusted off a year-old case and ordered his arrest on charges that he and his son hoarded automobiles at their Toyota dealership in a bid to drive up prices.

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