Court documents name detainees sent to Portugal

The two Guantanamo detainees sent to Portugal last week were a Syrian man whose father is still held at the prison camps and a former Syrian Army recruit once accused of joining forces with Afghanistan's Taliban militia, according to court documents made public Monday.

Justice Department lawyers identified the long-held captives as Moammar Dokhan, 37, and Muhammed Khan Tumani, 27, in filings in each man's unlawful detention lawsuit at the U.S District Court in Washington, D.C. They were sent to Portugal Friday.

Neither men was ever charged with a crime, and each was freed by a presidentially appointed review panel before a civilian judge had heard their cases at the federal court.

Portugal's Interior Ministry likewise noted in a statement late Friday that the men had no criminal charges pending and were being resettled in state-run housing under a program meant to help them integrate into society.

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