Round-up of Daily Violence in Iraq - Monday 17 August, 2009

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondents in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. It's posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchy's Washington Bureau.


A parked car bomb targeted a Federal Police (formerly National Police) patrol in Taji, northern Baghdad at 4 p.m. Monday, killing two civilians and injuring nine policemen and two civilians.


Insurgents attacked a checkpoint manned b y Iraqi police in Bab Sinjar neighbourhood, western Mosul early Monday afternoon, killing two policemen and injuring one civilian.

Gunmen in a speeding car shot dead a civilian in Amil neighbourhood, western Mosul, Sunday afternoon.

Gunmen killed an off-duty officer near his home in Ras al Jada neighbourhood, western Mosul.

A magnetic bomb stuck to a civilian car went off in Dourat al Yarmouk neighbourhood in west Mosul Monday afternoon, killing the driver, who has not been identified so far.

Two mortar rounds targeted an Iraqi army checkpoint in al Noor neighbourhood, eastern Mosul at 10 p.m. Monday. No casualties were reported.


A roadside bomb targeted a police patrol near Baghdad bus station in the centre of Kirkuk city. The explosion left eight police officers injured, four of whom are critical.


A magnetic bomb stuck to a civilian car inside which were two off-duty Facilities Protection Service (FPS) guards exploded in New Baquba, central Baquba at 10 a.m. Monday killing one and seriously injuring the other.

Gunmen attacked a checkpoint manned by Sahwa members in al Atheim neighbourhood, al Khalis, 15 km to the north of Baquba at 10 45 p.m. Monday, killing two Sahwa men and injuring another four.