Peru earthquake victims continue waiting for aid

Jimmy Martin Aicho Romero has begun to lose hope.

Two years after the country's most devastating earthquake in three decades left his family and more than 50,000 other Peruvians homeless, Aicho is still waiting for promised government help.

"The earthquake changed everything," said Aicho, 31, a tour operator. "We lost our houses and our situation in life."

He is not alone. In Pisco and other communities in the quake zone, residents say they have not received government funds to rebuild their homes. Some, like Aicho, have rebuilt but are awaiting a $2,000 rebuilding bonus.

"They have money, but they don't spend it," Aicho said, referring to the local government.

This Ica region town, about 124 miles south of Lima, was ground zero for the devastating 8.0 quake, which struck at 6:40 p.m. Aug. 15. Authorities said more than 500 people were killed and about 52,000 homes destroyed. In Pisco, 129 people died in one church alone.

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