Round-up of Daily Violence in Iraq - Friday 31 July 2009

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondents in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. It's posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchy's Washington Bureau.


- Around 1 p.m. A roadside bomb exploded near Al Hakeem mosque targeting Shiite worshipers who were gathering for Friday prayers in Al Kamaliyah neighborhood. Six civilians were injured.

- Around 1 p.m. A parked car bomb exploded targeting Shiite worshipers during Friday prayer near Al Sharifi mosque in Al Shaab neighborhood. 21 civilians were killed and 35 others were injured.

- Around 1 p.m. Two roadside bombs targeted Al Rasul Al Atham mosque during Friday prayer in Jisr Diyala area. Five civilians were killed and 15 others were injured.

- Around 1 p.m. A roadside bomb targeted Al Sadr mosque during Friday prayers in Zafaraniyah neighborhood. One civilian was killed and six others were injured.

- Around 1:30 p.m. a roadside bomb targeted Al Imam Al Sadeq mosque in Al Ealam neighborhood. Four civilians were injured.


- Gunmen attacked a house using a grenade in Ras Al Jada neighborhood western Mosul yesterday. A man and his wife were killed and another woman and a child were injured.

Basra- Four civilians from one family were injured as a rocket slammed into their home in Al Khora area north of Basra yesterday. Police said the rocket was one of six other rockets that targeted a military base in Basra international airport.