Honduras beefs up border patrols as Zelaya threatens return

ESTELI, Nicaragua — Honduras reinforced its southern border with Nicaragua Thursday as the country's ousted president, Manuel Zelaya, said he will try to cross the frontier, possibly within hours or during the next few days.

At Las Manos, a usually sleepy border crossing with Nicaragua, police in riot gear and soldiers with M-16s patrolled the area, telling travelers that they would not be able to cross until afternoon.

Zelaya, who was ousted June 28, is threatening to lead a caravan of supporters across one of Honduras' three international frontiers to reclaim the presidency. He has spent much of this week in Nicaragua, where he has found a staunch ally in President Daniel Ortega, leading many to believe it's along Honduras' southern flank that he will make his move.

The interim government of Roberto Micheletti has said Zelaya will be arrested on sight, and few believe that encounter will happen without bloodshed.

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