Warring parties in Honduras reject compromise deal

A last-minute push to resolve Honduras' three-week-old political crisis once again appeared to fail Wednesday, as neither of the warring parties signed a compromise cobbled together by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias.

The 11-point "San Jose Proposal" was not significantly different from a plan proposed over the weekend that the interim government of Roberto Micheletti had rejected. The new proposal again called for the return of ousted President Manuel Zelaya, limited amnesty for all parties and moving up elections by a month.

Micheletti has said that Zelaya will never return as president and the courts have said they will not offer amnesty, effectively killing the deal. While Micheletti's negotiators on Wednesday asked for more time to consider the proposal, the Zelaya camp balked.

Zelaya's chief negotiator, Rixi Moncada, accused the Micheletti administration of intransigence and stalling to buy time.

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