Zelaya return rumors put Honduras on edge

Amid increasing rumblings Thursday that ousted President Manuel Zelaya may carry out his threat to retake the presidency by force, Honduras reinstated a curfew and warned the population to be on the lookout for those bent on rebellion.

In a televised speech, Roberto Micheletti — who is serving as de facto president — said there were "unofficial" reports that Zelaya might attempt to enter Honduras along the southern border with Nicaragua.

Zelaya spent Thursday with members of his cabinet in that neighboring country, where he has found a staunch ally in President Daniel Ortega.

While no one in the Zelaya camp would provide details about his plans, officials close to him said he was determined to return.

"It's best for everyone if he goes back soon — any day now," Zelaya's presidential advisor, Allan Fajardo, told The Miami Herald in Managua. "He is willing to risk everything to try once again."

The last time Zelaya attempted to return, on July 5, the army blocked the runway of Tegucigalpa's international airport, preventing him from landing. As his supporters scaled the fence, shots were fired and one teen died.

On Thursday, Fajardo said Zelaya was studying all of his options.

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