Round-up of Daily Violence in Iraq - Sunday 18 May 2008


1 mortar round fell on al-Iskan neighbourhood, west Baghdad at 8 am Sunday. It landed on a house, destroyed the house and injured four of its inhabitants.

The US military detonated an IED under control in Amil neighbourhood, near al-Ashra al-Mubashara Mosque, southwest Baghdad at 7.45 this morning. As a result of the explosion 20 stores were burned and their contents destroyed.

4 Katyusha rockets fell on the Green Zone this morning. No casualties were reported.

A parked car bomb targeted an Iraqi army patrol at the far end of al-Rabei Street, Zayuna, east Baghdad at 1 pm killing 2 servicemen, injuring 5.

An IED left inside a Kia minibus exploded in Ataifiyah, a little to the north of central Baghdad at 1 pm injuring 2 civilians.

A roadside bomb exploded near al-Kindi Hospital, central Baghdad targeting a US military convoy. The explosion injured 3 civilians.

4 unidentified bodies were found by Iraqi Police today. 1 in al-obaidi; 1 in Mashtal; 1 in Doura and 1 in Adil.


Iranian bombardment continues on border villages on Qindeel mountain. Today six villages were targeted and although no human casualties were reported livestock have been lost.


A hand grenade was thrown at a music, films and video games' store in downtown Basra, in the old city. The facade of the store and a large part of the contents were destroyed but no one was hurt.

A sound bomb exploded targeting a building housing both the Union of Iraqi Labour Unions on the first floor and the Iraqi Communist Party/Basra on the second in al-Saadi Street, Basra city centre. The explosion broke many of the window panes in the building.

Armed clashes broke out between National Police and gunmen on Kornish Street, downtown Basra at 9 pm Sunday. 2 National policemen were injured as were 2 gunmen.

1 policeman killed and 2 others injured in armed clashes that broke out between Natonal Police and gunmen in Kuwait Street, downtown Basra at 10 pm Sunday.