Round-up of Daily Violence - Tuesday 06 May 2008

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondents in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. It's posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchy's Washington Bureau.


- In the last 24 hours the Sadr hospital in Sadr City in northeast Baghdad received 6 dead bodies and 14 injured people due to the daily clashes and bombings in the city.

- Around 9am, clashes took place in Abu Desheer between gunmen and police commandos .Three people were killed (including a female student) and nine others were injured.

- Around 1 pm two mortar shells hit the Baghdad municipality building at Khulani intersection (downtown Baghdad) .Three employees were killed and 15 were injured (including four guards).

- Around 1:10 pm, a Katyusha missile hit Mansour College at Andalus intersection (downtown Baghdad). Five people were injured, including a female student.

- Around 1:30pm, two mortar shells hit Shalchiya neighborhood (north Baghdad).twelve people were injured including 5 policemen.

- Around 5pm,a katyusha missile hit a house near Sarafiyah bridge on the Risafa bank. Five people were injured.

- Police found three dead bodies in Baghdad neighborhoods today: two were found in Risafa bank (east Baghdad);1 was found in Ubeidi and 1 was found in Shaab .While 1 was found in Hurriyah in Karkh bank(north west Baghdad).


- Monday night, gunmen broke into Sheikh Ibrahim Shalbi’s house ( a sheikh of the Majmaa tribes ) at Bzyid Khureisan (12 miles south of Buhrz).The gunmen kidnapped the Sheikh, his wife, his daughter-in-law and his son. A month ago, his son in law was kidnapped by the Qaeda members and his dead body was found few days later.

- Around 3pm,.a roadside bomb targeted Sahwa members at Al-Wijahiyah (12 miles east Baquba).One member was killed and another was injured in that incident.


Around 4 pm, a suicide car bomber targeted crowded restaurant (Al-Khayrat )and commercial street downtown Tikrit city.2 people were killed and 26 others were injured.


- Around 4pm, gunmen opened fire on a police patrol at Al-Mansour neighborhood in Mosul city .Two policemen were killed and another one was injured.

- Around 4:30pm, a roadside bomb exploded at Al-Noor neighborhood downtown Mosul city. One policeman was killed in that incident.