Round-up of Daily Violence in Iraq - Tuesday 27 November 2007

The daily Iraq violence report is complied by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondents in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. It's posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchy's Washington Bureau.


- Around 7.30 a.m., an American convoy opened fire on a mini bus which was carrying employees of the ministry finance / Rashid bank at Al-Sha’ab neighborhood near Aden intersection killing 4 employees and injuring 2 as police said while the American said two killed and four injured.

- Early morning, a roadside bomb exploded at Salman Back ( south of Baghdad ) injuring one taxi driver. - Around noon, a roadside bomb at Karrada neighborhood near the Amana bus station injuring three people.

- Around 1 p.m., a bomb was planted inside a car at Mansour neighborhood near the master of Milk injuring 2 people.

- Police found ( 3 ) unidentified bodies in the following neighborhood in Baghdad :( 2 ) were found in west Baghdad ( Karkh bank ) ; 1 in Bayaa and 1 in Doura.While (1) was found in east Baghdad ( Risafa bank ) in Zafaraniyah.


- Around 9.30 a.m., a roadside bomb targeted an America patrol in an area of about 2 km of Suleiman Beck of Tuz Khurmatu (east of Tikrit) . Eyewitnesses said that a Humvee was destroyed. Also they saw a helicopter came to the scene taking the killed and injured soldiers with them.- Monday night, 15 cars blocked the way of a police convoy having 4 prisoners with them taking them from Biji to Tikrit court kidnapping the 4 prisoners and killed them afterwards. The four prisoners are being accused of killing a man from Al-Jaysat ( Al-Qaisi tribe ) and the gunmen who killed them are from this tribe , police said.

- Monday night, gunmen killed Ahmed Hassan ( the mayor of Al-Zihour neighborhood )in Tikrit using silencer guns.

- Around 9.30a.m., a roadside bomb exploded on the road of about 2 km of Suleiman Beck of Tuz Khurmatu (east of Tikrit).No casualties reported.


- Police found two unidentified dead bodies at the bank of Al-Zab river in Zab area ( west of Kirkuk ) .

- Tuesday morning , a roadside bomb exploded when a tractor was on the way near Al-Aziziyah village of Taza ( south of Kirkuk)injuring the driver of the tractor who is a farmer from the village.

- Tuesday morning , gunmen killed a policeman in Hawijah ( west of Kirkuk) near the silo of the area .


- Tuesday morning, a suicide bomber was wearing a vest filled with explosives targeted the headquarter of Diyala police in Baquba killing 7 ( three civilians and 4 policemen) and injuring 13 others ( 6 policemen and 7 civilians ) .


Monday night till Tuesday morning, a tribal conflict caused a huge fire in one of the oil pipes that transfers oil to Muftia refinery in Basra as two tribes ( Halaf and Gharamsha ) in Badran area (15 km north of Basra)used the light and mid weapons .Mortars hit one of the pipes .Also one was killed and few others injured from both sides. Fire brigade extinguished the fire few hours later.