Round-up of Daily Violence in Iraq Wednesday 3 october 2007

The daily Iraqi violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondents in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. It’s posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchy’s Washington Bureau.


3 IEDs exploded targeting four wheel drive cars which were leaving the Polish embassy in Al Arasat neighborhood downtown Baghdad around 10,00 am. Three passengers were wounded. An Iraq civilian was killed and another 2 civilians were wounded.

2 civilians were killed and 5 others injured in a parked car bomb in Al Fadhil neighborhood downtown Baghdad around 6,00 pm.

Police found 6 unidentified bodies in Baghdad today. 4 bodies were found in Karkh, the western side of Baghdad in the following neighborhoods (2 bodies in Amil, 1 body in Jisr Diyala, 1 body in Bayaa and 1 body in Doura). 1 body was found in Ur neighborhood in the eastern side of Baghdad.


Gunmen killed the official of tribes in Diwaniyah city local council while he was going to a mourning ceremony in Efach town 30 Kms south of Diwaniyah city south Iraq.


The local police of Perdy area on north of Kirkuk found tow bodies yesterday night. Police said that the bodies were unidentified because they were burnt. The bodies were sent to the morgue.


13 civilians were wounded when an IED exploded inside an internet café in Al Qaisariyah market in Jalawla north of Baquba city.

Police found a body of a civilian who was shot in different part of his body. The body was found in Al Sadiyah area, part of Khanaqeen town north of Baquba yesterday afternoon.


A civilian was killed and 4 others wounded in an explosion took place in Al Bazara district downtown Falluja city west of Baghdad early morning today. The police source didn’t explain more details about the reason of the explosion.


12 insurgents from Al-Qaida organization had been killed today afternoon in clashes lasted for more than tow hours in Al M utasim district 20 Kms southeast Samara city. Iraqi police said that the clashes started when insurgents from Al Qaida attacked the area. The residents faced the insurgents and defeated them. The residents asked for the help of the Iraqi security forces which went to the area and could arrest another 5 insurgents.