Partial list of the dead in Blackwater incidents

BAGHDAD — Iraqi officials have yet to release a comprehensive list of the people they say have been killed by Blackwater USA security contractors in the past year. McClatchy Newspapers, however, compiled the following list from morgue logs and interviews with friends, colleagues and the security department of a Baghdad city government building near the scene of the one of the shooting incidents.

The list includes the names of 14 people, arranged by date and location. The Iraqi Interior Ministry said 20 people died in the incidents.

Feb. 2, near Iraq's Foreign Ministry: Suhad Shakir (reporter Al Atyaf channel).

Feb. 7, at Iraqi Media Network headquarters: Nibras Mohammed Dawood, Azhar Abdullah Ali, Sabah Salman Hassoun.

Sept. 9, near al Khilani Square: Batoul Mohammed Ali Hussein (clerk in the customs office in Baqouba), Kadhim Gayes (a guard at a Baghdad city government building).

Sept. 16, at Al Nisour Square: Osama Fadel, Mohammed Abbass, Yahya Jabar, Ali Khalil, Mushtaq Kareem (an Iraqi soldier), Mahasin Muhsin (a doctor and mother), Ahmed Haitham (Muhsin's son), Ghania Hassan (55, mother of eight).

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