Round-up of Daily Violence, Monday 24 September 2007


- Two mortar rounds fell in the Green Zone at 08:00 this morning, said Iraqi Police. No casualties were reported.

- 2 children were killed and their parents injured when a mortar round fell on their home in Talbiyah at around 09:00 am.

- Gunmen opened fire upon a coaster bus returning Rafidain Bank employees to their homes. 1 female was killed and another injured.

- 12 unidentified bodies were found in Baghdad by Iraqi police. 1 in Qanat St; 1 in New Baghdad; 1 in Shaab; 1 in Sleikh; 1 in Jihad; 2 in Hurriya; 1 in Dora; 2 in Saidiyah and 2 in Amil.


- The General Secretary of the National Accordance Group, Najaf Branch, Adel Waheed Abood was targeted by gunmen and sustained two bullets this morning; one in the neck and another in the shoulder. The Heath Department in Najaf say his condition is critical. He was a nominee for the position of Governor in Najaf governorate.


- An IED targeted the motorcade of the Chief of Police of Kirkuk Governorate, General Jamal Taher in Kornish St. near al-Aras Casino, downtown Kirkuk at 08:30 this morning. One of the security personnel was injured.

- A car bomb detonated targeting Chief of Police of al-Multaqa town on the highway between Kirkuk and the town of Dibis to the north of the city at 09:30 this morning. 4 policemen and 3 civilians were injured.

- Kirkuk Police found the body of policeman Shihab Ahmed Khalaf, 36, with several bullet wounds to his head, yesterday evening.

- 2 civilians injured in a car bomb explosion near the new bridge, Wahed Athar neighborhood downtown Kirkuk at 01: 00 this afternoon.


- A number of fuel tankers that provide the local fuel stations with various oil products were set afire by gunmen near al-Gurma area to the north of Fallujah resulting in the death of a driver.

- The police Station in Ameriyat al-Fallujah was targeted by mortar rounds. There were some casualties amongst the policemen, said eye witnesses. No official statement was made as to casualties.


- A suicide bomber detonated in a gathering in a mosque in Baquba. A number of tribal sheikhs, Baquba Chief of Police and a number of officers and a large number of locals were attending an Iftar banquette when the explosion took place. Primary reports put casualties at 20 killed, amongst whom was Baquba Chief of Police and 30 injured.