Round-up of daily violence Friday 7 September 2007


- Police found (8) unidentified bodies in the following neighborhoods in Baghdad: ( 6 ) were found in west Baghdad( Karkh bank) ; 2 in Amil , 2 in Saidiyah and 2 in Bayaa. While ( 2 ) bodies were found in east Baghdad ; 1 in Sadr city and 1 in Baladiyat.


- Around 12.45 p.m., gunmen killed Dawood Salman a member of the municipality council in Suleiman Beck (7 km south Tuz Khurmatu). He was killed in front of his house at Suleiman Beck.


- Around 1p.m of Thursday afternoon, gunmen kidnapped Dr. Riyadh Ramo from his clinic at Jamhouriya street downtown Kirkuk. Police confirmed the news saying “Gunmen took him to unknown location”.

- Around 10 p.m., of Thursday night, gunmen a sedan car ( Opel model ) opening fire on prayers who had just left Abdul Qadir Al-Ghilani mosque at Hajaj neighborhood in downtown Kirkuk killing three people and injuring five others. - Thursday night, gunmen kidnapped an employee of north Oil Company with his vehicle at Tareeq Baghdad near the fourth bridge downtown Baghdad. Police operation centre confirmed that finding his car after two hours of the incident which was found at Raheem Awa neighborhood.