Round-up of daily violence , Sunday - 26 August 2007

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondents in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. It's posted without editing as transmitted to McClachy's Washington Bureau.


- Around 5 till 6 a.m., an American patrol opened fire ( a machine gun ) on people in Za’faraniya neighborhood (east Baghdad) killing one person injuring other six residents . No further information of incident as the American troops blocked the area there from their side Multi-National Division-Baghdad officials refuted an Iraqi media outlet’s report of a confrontation between troops and residents in the Iraqi capital’s Al-Za'faraniyah area Aug. 25.

- Around 10 a.m., three pilgrims of Shabaniya visit to Kerbala ( 108 km south of Baghdad) were injured at Al- Mehdiyah neighborhood ( south Baghdad) while they were on their walking from Baghdad to Kerbala . - Around 4 p.m., gunmen attacked Al-Rashidiya police station ( north Baghdad) injuring three policemen .

- Around 4 p.m., one mortar hit Baghdad university at Jadriyah neighborhood ( south Baghdad) burning a caravan inside the campus. No casualties recorded.

- Around 6 p.m., mortars hit Al-Mahmoudiya district ( south of Baghdad) . It lobbed on a street behind Mahmoudiya communications centre killing one child and injuring two other people .

- Police found (11) dead bodies in the following neighborhoods in Baghdad : (8) dead bodies were found in west Baghdad ( Karkh bank) ; 2 in Doura , 1 in Adel , 1 in Washash , 1 in Mahmoudiya and 1 in Amel.While (3) dead bodies were found in east Baghdad ( Risafa bank) ; 1 in Sadr city , 1 in Sleikh and 1 in Amen .


- Saturday night, one citizen of Ba’aj neighborhood near the petrol station in Kirkuk city was injured during a control explosion of a car bomb which was parked in front of a house belongs to an employee of the fire brigade’s department . The brigadier ( Yadgar Shukr) from Kirkuk police said that “ As soon as we heard the news I went with the expert to the location and police had closed the area in order to avoid casualties among people ,but the explosion injured one person as he didn’t follow the police orders and instructions .He was transferred to hospital.

- Around 8.15 a.m., a roadside bomb exploded at Sari Taba village (outskirt of Kirkuk city) killing a woman shepherd who was with her sheep in the area. Also some sheep were killed, too.

- Around 3.45 p.m., a roadside bomb targeted a police patrol on Tareeq Baghdad near Baba Girger petrol station and Al-Noor Al-Kabeer mosque in downtown Kirkuk having no casualties reported and after a couple minutes a car bomb exploded at the same place . No casualties reported as police said.

- Around 4.35 p.m., a car bomb exploded near Mura’aj mosque in down town Kirkuk injuring one policeman and another civilian.


The spokesman of Kurdistan's forces guards and the deputy of the Peshmerga minister, Jabbar Yaour, said that "two American helicopters and two plane fighters bombed early Sunday morning two locations of emergency police of Kurdistan region of about 500 meters of Qara Taba village (70 kilometers north of Baquba, which is the capital of Diyala province) killing four policemen and injuring eight others . Also two police cars were destroyed. Also, Yaour said that "Kurdish police are in north Diyala to keep peace and fight terrorism in the area with the knowledge and approval of the collation troops and central government and the bombing was by mistake."U.S. military spokesman Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, said: "We do not think that two buildings were destroyed or even involved in the incident. We have reports that there were two vehicles that were destroyed in the engagement by a helicopter strike. We are still trying to identify which unit was involved in the incident. We are also still trying to determine the exact identity of the target. We have seen reports that they may have been Kurdish police but cannot verify that at this time."