Roundup of daily violence, Wednesday 23 May 2007

Baghdad - This morning gunmen wearing the ministry of interior forces uniforms raided the famous Sinak market (not far away from the Green Zone) and tried to kidnap the shops owners. The gunmen clashed with the gunmen and later with U.S. and Iraqi troops, eye witnesses said helicopters attacked the attackers and burned two cars. The gunmen fled and 5 citizens were killed and 17 were injured, ministry of interior officers said. The spokesman of Baghdad security plan told a different story, he told the Iraqi national TV that private security company convoy was under attack in the area and the American and Iraqi troops interfered to help the convoy. The same place was raided by gunmen in military uniforms on December 14, 2006 and kidnapped dozens of citizens.

- Gunmen killed Colonel Talal Kareem, an officer in the Iraqi ministry of defense, in front of his house in Al Mansour neighborhood.

- Around midday clashes erupted between gunmen and soldiers from the Iraqi army in Doura neighborhood (south Baghdad). 2 soldiers were injured.

- Around 3 p.m. a mortar shell landed in Karrada neighborhood, Atar street not far away from Al Bishara private hospital. 3 citizens were killed and 14 were injured.

- A mortar shell landed near the National theater in Saadoun street. One citizen was injured.

- Around 3 p.m. gunmen attacked an Iraqi army checkpoint near the ministry of the Labor and Social Affairs. A general manager of the ministry, Salim Hassan Abbas, was killed as he was leaving the ministry at the time and near the attack place in Mansour neighborhood.

- Around 6 p.m. an IED explosion targeted Iraqi army convoy in Shurta tunnel area. One soldier was killed and 3 were injured.

- Police found 30 dead bodies all over Baghdad. the following is the number of dead bodies found in neighborhoods:6 in Bayaa, 2 in Hurriyah, 6 in Jamiaa, 5 in Doura, 1 in Shurta Rabia, 5 in Mahmoudiyah, 2 in Sleikh, 1 in Kadhmiya, 1 in New Baghdad.


- Around 10 a.m. a suicide bomber walked into a cafe in Mandali city, about 60 miles northeast of Baghdad. 8 were killed and 24 were injured.

- Around 9 p.m. yesterday night gunmen killed 6 young men were gathering in front of a neighbor house in Jalawla city north east of Baqouba city. 2 of the men were soldiers in the Iraqi army.

- Security forces managed to free 7 hostages from a house in Zaghniya area northern Baqouba.

- Gunmen killed a policeman in Balour area northern Al Muqdadiyah city today afternoon.

- Seven mortar shells slammed into Kanan city, 15 Km south of Baqouba. Three residents were injured.

- The morgue of Al Khalis hospital received a citizen’s dead body from police today. The citizen was killed in the market place of the city this morning. Kirkuk

- Around 10 p.m. yesterday night (Tuesday May 22) an IED targeted the house of the municipality head of Al Hawija city. The blast caused damages to the house with no human causalities.

- Police found two dead bodies in Kirkuk on the main road leading to Al Rashad town yesterday. The first dead body of a Turkish citizen his name Zandar Hassan Kareem and the second was for an Iraqi citizen, Jabar Kamal Uthman.


- Around 2:30 a.m. Iraqi boarder guards seized a car loaded with bombs and cables near the Iranian borders in Mahal Barabak, Benjwin city (96 Km north east Sulaimaniyah city), official said.