Roundup of daily violence - Sunday 20 May 2007

The Iraq violence report is compiled daily by the Baghdad staff of McClatchy Newspapers from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. It’s posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchy’s Washington Bureau.The Roundup of violence May 20


-Around 1 pm, a car bomb exploded in Ur neighborhood near the oil (Nafit) club injuring 4 civilians.

- Ground forces of the coalition had killed two gunmen and had 14 in custody after having clashes with them southeast Baghdad early morning.

- Around 3 pm, a car bomb exploded in a park at Sheikh Umar neighborhood few distance of the South Gate (Bab Al-Sharji) in downtown Baghdad, killing 2 civilians and injuring 10 with full destruction of 4 houses and some damage to Al-Zahra'a mosque and 3 shops.

- Around mid-day, a reporter of Azzaman newspaper found dead at al-Shurtta Al-Rabaa by the Iraqi police a few hours after his abduction at the same area.

- Around 4 pm, mortars lobbed at Sadoon street area damaged two hotels with two injured civilians recorded.

- Around 7 pm, a suicide car bomber led his car into a headquarter of an Iraqi army at Adiel neighborhood (west Baghdad) killing 1 soldier and injuring 4 other soldiers.

- Around 7.30 pm, a suicide car bomber led his car to an Iraqi army check point at Jama'a neighborhood near Shurtta tunnel (west Baghdad) killing 1 soldier and injuring 2 others.

- Around 7.35 pm, Major pilot Dhia H.Jasim was killed at Binuok neighborhood (east Baghdad) while he was driving his car in the neighborhood.

- 24 dead bodies were found all over Baghdad : 19 bodies were in the west bank (Kharkh) -- 5 in Bayaa, 4 in Amel, 2 in Mansour, 2 in Doura, 2 in Jihad, 2 in Saidiya, 1 in I'laam and 1 in Hurriya. 5 bodies were found in the east bank (Rusafa) -- 2 in Kasra Watash, 2 in Kahira (Cairo neighborhood) and 1 in Sadr City.


- Coalition forces killed 6 terrorists and detained 4 suspects at a building at Karmah (5 km east of Fallujah, 64 km west of Baghdad ).

- A squad of an American patrol detained 16 suspects at a place southeast Fallujah in a raid this morning.


- Yesterday evening (Saturday 19t ), four tractor-trailer drivers were killed and ten injured (drivers and guards) when gunmen opened fire on a convoy of trailers carrying barricades at Sawajin village in Ghalbiya on the high way of Baghdad-Baqouba.

Suleimaniya ( 331 km north east of Baghdad )

- Around 11 pm of Saturday night, a roadside bomb exploded in front of Sheikh Ahmed Salih's house, the orator and Imam of Abu Bakir mosque at Sharzaror district(60 km southeast of Suleimaniya), injuring him and his brother.

Kirkuk (255 km north of Baghdad )

- Around 11.30 pm, gunmen opened fire on a patrol convoy of the Iraqi army (3rd section of 3rd battalion, 1st brigade) near Sufra village (west Kirkuk) on the main road of Kirkuk–Biji injuring the captain of the section only.

- Around 1.30 am, a roadside bomb exploded when a police patrol passed through Qushqaya village of Dibis on the highway of Kirkuk–Dibis injuring one policeman with great damage for the vehicle and having fire to an oil pipe in the area.

Basra (549 km south of Baghdad )

- At dawn, clashes took place in different parts of Basra city( Door al-Hindiya, 5 miles, Nuab Al-Dhibat, Al-Hussein, Al-Shula, Mawana (ports) and Al-Hindiya, which lasted for hours between Mahdi army (Al-Sadr militia) and the British forces, injuring three British soldiers and damaging two tanks at 5 miles neighborhood, damaging one tank at Nuab Al-Dhibat near Al-Fayhaa hospital and a fourth tank at Al-Ghuzayza neighborhood while two members of Al-Mehdi army injured. The clashes happened after having Usama Al-Khafaji(an official of Al-Sadr office in Nasiriyah, 375 km south of Baghdad) was detained by by the British forces at Basra airport on Saturday as he was trying to go abroad.