Roundup of daily violence - Saturday 19 May 2007

The Iraq violence report is compiled daily by the Baghdad staff of McClatchy Newspapers from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. It’s posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchy’s Washington Bureau.


- A security member working for Sami Al Araji, the deputy minister of industry, was killed when a Katyusha rocket hit near Araji's house near the foreign ministry complex in Salhiyah neighborhood downtown Baghdad at 8:00 am.

- Around 9:00 am, a mortar shell hit Zafaraniyah neighborhood south east Baghdad. No casualties recorded.

- 1 Iraqi army soldier was killed and 2 others were wounded in a parked car bomb explosion targeted their check point near Jordan intersection in Yarmouk neighborhood west Baghdad around 3:15 pm.

- Gunmen killed Thamir Mohammed Khalaf, an employee in the ministry of foreign affairs in Baghdad Al Jadida neighborhood east Baghdad around ,00pm.

- A civilian was killed and another was injured in clashes between the Iraqi army and gunmen in Saidiyah neighborhood south Baghdad around 4,00 pm.

- A police man was injured by a sniper in Jisr Diyala neighborhood south east Baghdad around 4,00 pm.

- 2 Iraqi army soldiers were killed and 6 others were wounded when a suicide car bomber attacked their check point near Al Sa’aa restaurant in Mansour neighborhood west Baghdad at 6,00 pm.

- 2 civilians were killed and 4 others injured in a parked car bomb in Al Shurta Al rabi’aa neighborhood south west Baghdad at 8,00 pm.

- 20 anonymous bodies were found in Baghdad today. 17 bodies were found in Karkh, the western part of Baghdad, in the following neighborhoods 5 bodies in Amil, 3 bodies in Ghazaliyah, 2 bodies in Saidiyah, 2 bodies in Hurriyah, 2 bodies in Bayaa, 1 body in Shoala, 1 body in Mahmoudiyah and 1 body in Sheikh Ma’aroof. 3 bodies were found in Rusafa, the eastern side of Baghdad, in the following neighborhood (2 bodies in sadr city and 1 body in Ur neighborhood)


- police source in Kirkuk city said that gunmen driving a sedan car shot dead yesterday (Friday) a policeman and injured his brother while the two were in their car in Al Mamdoda neighborhood downtown Kirkuk city around 3:00 pm. The killed policeman was one of the employees of Kirkuk hospital policemen. The source said that the brother was injured and he had been moved to Kirkuk hospital.

- A policeman in the emergency brigade of Kirkuk was killed by gunmen in Wahid Huzairan neighborhood in Kikrkuk city yesterday evening. Police said that the policeman was shot multiple times.

- 2 civilians were injured when 2 IEDs exploded near a bus station in Al Khadraa neighborhood in Kirkuk city around 9:30 pm.


- A police source in Basra city said that police patrols found 15 bodies in different neighborhoods yesterday evening and today morning. The source said that torture was obvious on the bodies.

- A police source said that a policeman was killed and another one was injured when the combined operation headquarter in Basra city yesterday evening.


- 15 civilians (Shiite Kurdish people) were killed when members from Qaida organization raided Hameed Shafi village (100 Kms north east Baqouba) around 6:30 am. Jawad kadhum al Bazzaz, the deputy of the local council head, said that the insurgents came to the village driving pickups disguised as Iraqi army members. According to Bazzaz, the insurgents claimed that they said they are going to search the village for weapons caches and when they isolated the men, they killed them.

- A source in the joint operation center in Diyala said that 4 civilians were killed and 4 others wounded when gunmen opened fire targeting their mini bus near Msheti village west of Baqouba around 1:00 pm.