Roundup of Daily Violence


- Around 11 am, a roadside bomb exploded in Sheikh Umar neighborhood killing 1 civilian and injuring 3.

- Around 11.15 am, a grenade was thrown by someone near Mustansiriya crossroads having 4 civilians' injuries.

-Around 3 pm, mortars lobbed into the Green Zone on Wednesday killed two Iraqis and wounded 10 other people, marking the second day in a row casualties struck the area that had long been refuge from the city's constant violence.

The U.S. embassy said the wounded included eight Iraqis and two non-American foreigners, although their nationalities were unknown.

None of the dead or injured were U.S. embassy employees or contractors

- Around 4 pm, a bomb was planted inside a car exploded in Baijiya neighborhood at Mansour district ( west Baghdad) killing one civilian and injuring another.

- Around 4.30 pm, gunmen assassinated colonel police ( Ali Ayash) at Amiriya neighborhood ( west Baghdad) .

- Around 4.30 pm, mortars hit Shurtta Khamsa neighborhood (south Baghdad) injuring one civilian.

- Around 5 pm, a roadside bomb exploded in Baladiyat neighborhood without casualties recorded.

- Around 6 pm, mortars hit Baladiyat neighborhood injuring one civilian.

- (30 dead bodies were found all over Baghdad : 26 were at west Baghdad ( Kharkh bank) ; 8 in Bayaa , 7 in Amil ,2 in Saidiya , 2 in Doura , 2 in Hurriya , 2 in Shulla , 1 in Khadhimiya , 1 in Adel , 1 in Ghazaliya , while 4 were found at east Baghdad ( Rusafa bank ) ; 2 in Karada , 1 in Adhamiya , 1 in Jisr Diyala Diyala

- Around mid-day, gunmen assassinated a member of KDP ( Kurdstan Democracy Party) at Qara Taba .

- Around mid-day, a police patrol found at the side of Abu Saida –Wajihiya- Muqdadiya crossroads only a head of policeman body who disappeared two days ago while he was going home to Muqdadiya.

Around this day , gunmen attacked the house of Diyala's police operation at Mustafa neighborhood having a fight with the guards killing 3 of them and 2 injured while the gunmen escaped with no casualties.

- A suicide car bomber came near a check point at Hadeed area ( west Baquba ) killed one soldier when exploded.

- Around 6.30 pm, gunmen made a false checkpoint at Ghalbiya area( about 30km west of Baquba) near the Iraqi ad American army headquarters in the area stopping some cars and taking 21 passengers( Turkmans Shiite pilgrims who were on their way home to Kirkuk from Kerbala and Najaf) to Al-Hashmiyat neighborhood. Kirkuk

- Around 8.30 am, a roadside bomb targeted a civilian car whose passengers were the deputy governor ( mayor) of Riyadh city ( west of Kirkuk ) with another member of the city board .Both were killed and transferred to the morgue .

-- Around 12.15 pm, a roadside bomb exploded near the technical institution in Hawija city ( south west of Kirkuk) targeting a patrol for the Iraqi army having no casualties recorded as police said.

- Around 2.30 pm, a roadside bomb exploded near the technical institution in Hawija( south west of Kirkuk) targeting a police patrol injuring one policeman of the patrol .Salahuddin

- Early morning , a roadside bomb exploded when an American patrol passed by on Baghdad –Tikrit high way near Ishaqi city ( south of Tikrit) having some damage to a Humvee vehicle without knowing casualties of the American side as the scene was closed after the accident.

- Yesterday night( Tuesday 15th ) , a roadside bomb exploded near Hawija petrol station killing one civilian and injuring another one.


- Around 9 am, clashes took place at Shattra city ( north of Nasiriya) after arresting a leader of Al-Mehdi army who was accused of planting roadside bombs in the area against the multi forces having 8 civilians killed and some others injured.


- Around dawn, multi international forces in Basra had a raid at Ashar neighborhood ( downtown Basra city) having ten suspected in custody .

- Tuesday night and Wednesday morning , the British bases at the presidential places in the downtown of Basra city and the Basra international airport were targets for indirect fires without casualties recorded.

- Around mid-day , a child was killed and two civilians injured when policemen shot at a crowded people who were furious as they have no power supply since yesterday in the downtown of Basra city.

- Five dead bodies were found in Basra: 1 in Tanuma neighborhood (east Basra) for a lawyer and he was the chairman of the neighborhood municipality 1 a former member of Arab Baath party 2 at Al-Hussain neighborhood ( downtown the city) 1 at Ashar ( city center)