Roundup of Daily Violence - 10 May 2007


- Around 3 am , American planes had a raid on Sadr city killing 3 civilians and injuring 12 with huge damage to three houses and three cars.

- Around mid-day , clashes took place between gunmen and the Iraqi army in Bab Al-Mua'adham without having casualties.

- Around 5 pm, gunmen exploded Al-Falahi Building at Abu-Ghraib ( west of Baghdad) destroying the whole building without casualties recorded.

- Around the afternoon mortar shelling hit Doura neighborhood twice injuring 2 of the first attack and killing 1 civilian of the second one.

20 dead bodies were found in all over Baghdad : 16 bodies were found in west Baghdad( Kharkh bank) ; 5 in Doura, 4 in Bayaa , 4 in Amil , 3 in Hurriya . While 4 bodies were found in east Baghdad( Rusafa bank) ; 1 in Tunis, 1 in Hussainiya , 1 in Qahira ( Cairo neighborhood) , 1 in Bab Al-Mua'adham . Kirkuk

- Around 9.15 pm, a roadside bomb exploded in front of a house in Afran neighborhood in the downtown of the city of Kirkuk injuring three residents with some damage to the house.

- Early morning ( about 6 am) , a joint forces ( Iraqi army and police)had a raid on hay Al- Askari and Tanak in Hawija ( west of Kurkuk ) having 4 wanted men and one of them suspected man from Bani Saad in Diyala.

- A joint forces ( Iraqi army and police )during a raid in Hawija ( west of Kirkuk) had found a head cut off without the rest of the body discovering later that it belongs to a captain in the Iraqi army who was kidnapped two weeks ago by gunmen.


- Around 8 pm, clashes took place between gunmen and a British patrol near the Iranian Chancellery killing one civilian who was driving a motor bike and injuring two others, all of them were passersby.