Roundup of violence May 8 , 2007

Baghdad - Around 8am, Major Ibrahim A.Al-Nabi an officer of interior ministry was assassinated by gunmen on the high motor way near the ministry as he was going to his work. - Around 9 am, a roadside bomb exploded near Za’afaraniya petrol station ( east of Baghdad ) when an American patrol passed by having no casualties recorded. - Around 9.15 am, mortar shelling targeted Za’afaraniya leather factory killing 1 civilian and injuring 3 . - Around 10 am , a controlled roadside bomb exploded with the existence of an Iraqi squad in Al-Sha’ab . - Around 2 pm, a police traffic was killed near Al-Waziriya traffic lights. - Around 6 pm, a roadside bomb exploded when an Iraqi army patrol passed through Hussainiya neighborhood without casualties. - Around 6.30 pm, a roadside bomb targeted an American patrol in Saidiya neighborhood without casualties. - 25 dead bodies were found all over Baghdad as the following: 20 in west Baghdad ( Kharkh bank) ; 7 in Amil , 4 in Bayaa , 3 in Doura , 2 in Saidiya , 2 in Ghazaliya , 2 in Jihad . while 5 were found in east Baghdad ( Rusafa bank) ; 1 in Sadr. 1 in Suleikh, 1 in Qahira , 1 in Waziriya , 1 in Filsteen ( Palestine ). Diyala - Around 7.30 am, a suicide bomber exploded himself in front of Jalwla(North of Diyala) police station killing two policemen and injuring 20 . - Around 10.30 am , an American helicopter opened fire on a primary school at Al-Nida ( 9 km north west of Mendli )killing 7 pupils and injuring 3 other pupils with huge damage to the school building . Eyewitnesses confirmed this report while the American side said that they opened fire on the building after being fired from it. Kirkuk - Yesterday evening , an American armored car ( Humvee) was a target of a roadside bomb in Hawija ( 45 km west of Kirkuk) and it was damaged as Iraqi police said. - Early morning , an American soldier was shot by a sniper fire in Hawija ( west of Kirkuk) . - Four trailer drivers were kidnapped on the high way of Baghdad-Kirkuk route near Sarha village south of Tuz by gunmen taking them to unknown destination. Salahuddin - Two policemen were injured when gunmen opened fire on them on the high way of Baghdad- Tikrit near Ishaqi village as they were going back home from Baghdad. Najaf - Around 10.50 am, a car bomb exploded in a crowded place in the midtown of Kufa ( north of Najaf) having at least 16 killed and 70 injured with dozens of shops damaged. - Basra - At dawn, two gunmen were injured and 11 suspected in custody when the British forces made three raids in three separate locations in Basra . - At dawn, the two main British bases ( inside the Basra international airport 25km north west Basra and the Residential Palaces downtown the city ) had been attacked by indirect fire without casualties recorded.

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