Roundup of Iraq Violence -- May 7, 2007

Baghdad - 5 civilians from one family were killed and 2 others were injured when a mortar shell hit a house in Bayaa neighborhood south west Baghdad around 11,30 am. - An IED exploded in Bab Al Muadham neighborhood downtown Baghdad targeting an Iraqi army patrol around 1,00 pm. No casualties recorded. - 8 policemen were killed and 12 were wounded when a suicide car bomb targeted a policeman check point in Al Salam district to west outskirt of Baghdad around 11,30 am . From 4 pm till 8 pm the flowing incidents took place ; - Mortar shelling hit Bayaa neighborhood injuring 1 civilian. - Mortar shelling hit Um Al-Malif killing 2 and injuring 2. - Mortar shelling hit Jisr Diyala neighborhood killing 2 civilians. - Mortar shelling hit Medayan neighborhood killing 1 civilian and injuring 2 . - Random fires took place in Bab Al-Muadham neighborhood having 1 civilian killed and 2 injured. - 30 bodies were found all over Baghdad : 28 in west Baghdad ( Kharkh bank) ; 17 in Amil , 4 in Doura , 3 in Bayaa , 2 in Ghazaliya ,2 in Mansour. 2 in east Baghdad ( Rusafa bank) ; both bodies in Sadr city. Anbar - 12 citizens were and 25 wounded in a suicide car bomb explosion in Al-Bothyab village where Al-bu Risha tribe live (the tribe which leads the tribes’ coalition against Qaida in Anbar province south Iraq around 11.30 am. Diyala - 4 civilians were killed and 2 others were wounded when gunmen opened fire targeting a bus carrying passengers moving towards Mandili town east of Baquba early morning today. - Before noon, terrorism group pushed into a school at Khuailis ( north of Baquba) executing two teachers ( husband and wife) in front of the pupils and teachers. - A policeman was killed when gunmen opened fire on him at New Baquba neighborhood ( west of Baquba city) shortly after mid-day. - Around mid-day, terrorism group attacked a small shop of woodcarving killing the owner of this shop with three of his sons who were helping him in his job at Hay Al-Sina'ee ( industrial complex) in Khalis (15 km north of Baquba). - - Two policemen were injured in two separate accidents in Ameen neighborhood ( north of the Baquba) and Mua’almeen neighborhood ( west of Baquba) . - Around afternoon , three civilians were injured ( father and two of his sons) when a roadside bomb targeted their vehicle at Bani Saad village ( south of Baquba). - Around afternoon a police patrol found a dead body of a man which was identified later as the chairman of Al-Wajihiya town municipality who was kidnapped yesterday night near his house. Kirkuk - Early morning , a roadside bomb exploded when a police patrol passed through Tareeq Baghdad ( Baghdad way) neighborhood in the downtown of the city injuring one civilian. - Around this morning , a police patrol found a body of a police commissioner which was lain on the road of Hawija – Abasi near Shakldi village to the west of Kirkuk. Najaf - Early reports said that a fault bomb ( sonic one) had been heard at Jimhouria neighborhood in Old Kufa ( north east Najaf) without casualties. Basra - A guard working for the retirement directorate was killed in clashes between British patrol and insurgents near the directorate downtown Basra city yesterday evening. - A civilian was killed when Katyosha rockets hit some houses near the British consulate downtown Basra city early morning today. - A woman was injured severely in an IED explosion in Al Qurna area north of Basra city early morning today.