Roundup of Iraq Violence -- May 6, 2007

Baghdad - A civilian was killed and 8 were injured in Sadr city east Baghdad in an American raid targeted the city after midnight. - 35 civilians were killed and 80 injured in a parked car bomb explosion in street No. 20 in Bayaa neighborhood south west Baghdad at 12,00 pm. - 2 civilians were killed and 10 others were injured in a parked car bomb explosion in a park behind the labor and municipalities ministry in Mansour neighborhood downtown Baghdad at 1,10 pm - A member of the national police was killed and 3 of his colleagues were wounded in an IED explosion targeted their patrol in the commercial street in Saidiyah neighborhood south Baghdad around 4,00 pm. - Gunmen killed the companion of Baghdad police commander Captain Hatem Othman. Othman was killed in Al Amil neighborhood south west Baghdad when gunmen opened fire killing him inside his car around 3,30 pm. - A civilian was injured in an IED explosion in Talbiyah neighborhood east Baghdad around 3,15 pm. - An Iraqi army soldier was killed when he was shot by gunman in Adhemiyah neighborhood east Baghdad around 3,00 pm. - Gunmen assassinated Dr. Sabah Khalaf Al ta’ie , the dean deputy of the education college , Baghdad Univ. and injured his colleague Dr. Abdul Azeez Al Khafaji. The gunmen targeted the two doctors on the high way near Raghiba Khatoon neighborhood east Baghdad around 2,30 pm. - A civilian was killed ion an IED explosion in Al Doura neighborhood south Baghdad around 5,00 pm. - A civilian was injured when a mortar shell hit Bayaa neighborhood south west Baghdad around 5,30 pm. - 25 bodies were found in Baghdad today, 22 bodies were found in Karkh, the western part of Baghdad in the following neighborhoods (15 bodies in Amil , 2 bodies in Saidiyah, 2 bodies in Hurriya, 2 bodies in Doura, 1 body in Amiriyah.) 3 bodies were found in Rusafa, the eastern part of Baghdad in the following neighborhoods (1 body in Shaab, 1 body in Husainiyah.) Diyala province - A policeman was injured by gunmen in Al Ameen neighborhood north Baquba while he was going to work early morning early morning. - A civilian was killed by gunmen in Khalic town market north of Baquba today morning. - A civilian was killed by gunmen in Muqdadiyah town north east of Baquba city today morning. - Gunmen killed today Ali Hasson Wahib AL Jomaili, the member of Kahlis local town committee (an independent Sunni politician). The security sources said that the gunmen killed Al Jomaili after they stopped his car and opened fire near Al Rafedain bank in the town early morning today. - 4 civilian were killed including a woman when gunmen opened fire targeting their vehicle on the motorway of Baladrooz-Mandili east of Baquba today afternoon. - Police sources said that gunmen assassinated a guards works for the oil establishments protections units on the motorway south of Mandili town east of Baquba city. - A security official said that police patrols found 6 bodies on the motorway of Baghdad –Baquba. The source said that the bodies were handcuffed and signs of shooting were obvious on them. - Iraqi army patrols found 3 bodies near Arab Al Saiyed village north of Baquba city today morning. - Gunmen opened fire targeting amini bus injuring 6 civilians from one family and kidnapped the driver of the bus. The incident happened near Al Ghalibiyah bridge south west Baquba today afternoon. - A security source in Muqdadiyah town north east Baquba said that gunmen assassinated today afternoon Sheikh Mohmoud Shihab Al Jobori, the imam of AL Atafiyah mosque in Muqdadiyah town. - 3 civilians were injured in an IED explosion in Abo Saida town north east Baquba city. Kirkuk city - A civilian was killed and 4 others wounded when three IEDs exploded in Al Khadraa neighborhood in Karkuk city. - Gunmen killed Abdul Hameed Ahmed Jasim a principle of a primary school near Tal Al Eid village west of Kirkuk. Salahuddin - 7 Iraqi policemen including Colonel Abdul Jaleel Nahi Hassoon, the police commander of Samarra’a city were killed and 8 other policemen were wounded in a suicide car bomb attack targeted the police commander near the building of Samarra’a police directorate downtown the city at 8,30 am. Sources in the operation room said that the explosion was followed by clashes between the Iraqi police and the insurgents and mortar shells. The explosion happened after the curfew which lasted for three days. Police imposed a curfew until further notice.