Roundup of violence May 4

Baghdad- Around 11.15 am,a roadside bomb exploded at Amil neighborhood near the petrol station at the junction of Amil- Milhania neighborhoods targeting a police patrol killing 5 poliemen and injuring 2 .- Around 11.30,a suicide car bomber targeted the national police headquarter in Doura ( Mehdiya ) neighborhood without knowing the casualties as the American forces blocked the area.- Around 4 pm, clashes took place between an American patrol and gunmen in Amiriya neighborhood having two Humvee vehicles damaged without casualties. - Around 5 pm, clashes tool place at Habibiya neighborhood of Sadr city between Sadr followers and Bedr's who were inside their headquarter when Sadr followers attacked them with RBG7 and light machine guns injuring 4 guards of the building and the clashes are infrequent till the time of the report. - Around 8 pm, a bomb was left inside a taxi by a lady who just left the car a few meters before an Iraqi checkpoint let the bomb explode as it reached it injuring the taxi driver with one of the policemen who were there at Mansour neighborhood near Al-rahman mosque.- Around 8 pm , gunmen attacked Imam Ali mosque in Adhamiya neighborhood killing the two guards of the mosque and burned the whole mosque afterwards.- 15 corpses were found all over Baghdad : 9 were found in west Baghdad ( Kharkh bank) ; 2 in Bayaa , 2 in Mansour, 2 in Amil, 2 in Doura , 1 in Saidiya. While 6 corpses were found on east Baghdad ( Rusafa bank) ; 3 in Rusmiya, 2 in Sadr , 1 in Jisr Diyala. Diyala- Around mid-day , clashes happened between the residents of Abi Saida village of Muqdadiya (45km north east Baquba) and the terrorists having one terrorist killed .- More than 60 families were forced to displace their homes at Abu Saab and Al-Mijdad villages due to the fighting there which is going on since a week ago ( for the last six days) between A squad from the Fifth division of the Iraqi army and the terrorists moving to the near by villages at Abi Saida village to have some help and shelter.- For the last five days , the tribes of Shimar who live at the villages of Kinaan have been on a fighting with the terrorists there with no help from the government having one man killed and five injured.- A member of Shalan Mutlack municipality has been kidnapped by gunmen at his village who riding a jeep with green color. Musil- Around 5 pm, a police officer ( colonel) was killed at Al-Aletha village in Shurqat (south of Musil) by gunmen who were riding a sedan car. Najaf- After Fridays prayer clashes happened between Sadr followers and police as one prominent member of Al-Sadr bloc has been stopped by a police check point to be searched without having details of the number of casualties on both sides. Babil- Around 9 pm, a car bomb was parked near Imam Hamza mosque in Hilla ( South of Baghdad) killing 1 civilian and injuring 21 . Basra- Early morning , a British patrol was a target to RBG7 and light machineguns fire which made the British open fire on them injuring five of the gunmen without casualties on the British side.- Early morning , three suspected were in custody of the British as the latter had a raid on Hay Al-Mudara ( mangers neighborhood). The British patrol had been fired ,but without casualties. Few hours later two men were released keeping one in custody.