Roundup of violence in Iraq -- May 3, 2007

Baghdad - Around 12.30 p.m. A mortar shell hit Abu Dsheer neighborhood injured three civilians. - Around 7:30 p.m. A mortar shell landed in the Green Zone without knowing causalities. The following incidents occurred between 4-8 p.m. - Mortar shell landed in Al Baladiyat causalities that caused damages to a house. - Mortar shell landed in Abu Disheer. The shelling claimed the lives of 1 killed and injured 9. - Mortar shell landed in Jisr Diyala the killed 1 and injured 2. - Mortar shell landed Shurta Khamisa that killed 1 and injured 7. - Mortar shell landed in Amel neighborhood caused injuries to two. - Police found 25 dead bodies throughout Baghdad in the following neighborhoods: 1 in Mansour, 3 in Amel, 2 in Hurriya, 5 in Baia, 1 in Furat, 2 in Jaiafir, 2 in Shuala, 1 in Kathimiya, 1 in Sileikh, 1 in Waziriya, 1 in Adhamiya, 1 in NewBaghdad, 2 in Doura, 2 in Saidiyah. Kirkuk IED exploded at last midnight was targeting police convoy in Al-Riyadh neighborhood. The explosion injured one policeman and damaged police vehicle Security sources in Mosul said that two teachers had killed yesterday in Mosul one of them was called Nazal Al-Asdi a professor in electronic science college in Mosul University killed by gunmen in front of his house and the others was called Asmaeel Taher teacher of secondary school in Al-Kafana neighborhood Basra Three gunmen was wounded during clashes with British forces in Al-Baladiyat neighborhood down-town Basra today morning Diyala - Mortar shells landed in Al Khalis city. The shell hit a house and killed a woman and injured 2 other members of the family

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