Roundup of violence April 29

Baghdad- Around 8 am, a roadside bomb exploded in Zafarania neighborhood killing 2 civilians and injuring 7 .- Around 9.15 am , the American artillery bombed Al-Buaitha neighborhood without knowing casualties.- Around 9.15 , a famous announcer of Iraqia TV ( Amel Al-Mudaris) was seriously injured as gunmen tried to assassinate her in Al-Khadra neighborhood and she was taken to the medical city to have the medical care there.- Around 9.30 am, three sweepers were killed in Adhamiya neighborhood.- Around1 pm, the head of the national security of Ur neighborhood ( Abdul-Karim Al-Abudi ) with eight of his employees were abducted in Sha'ab district near his office by gunmen taking them to unknown area and they were released in the afternoon .- Around 1 pm, gunmen steal 184 million Iraqi dinars which suppose to be paid as payments for the fine art directorate employees.- Around 1 pm, gunmen attack Al-Ma'ali school in Shurtta Al-Rabia neighborhood stealing 10 million dinars which were supposed to be given to the teaching staff of this school. - Around 3 pm, gunmen opened fire on a check point in Hay Al-Salam killing 1 soldier.- Around 3pm, mortar shelling hit Adhamiya neighborhood without casualties.- Around 4 pm, a roadside bomb exploded in Qadisiya neighborhood without casualties .- The deputy of Sikak ( Railway) institution ( Muhammad abid Rashid ) was abducted as he finished his work going home near Al-Shalchiya neighborhood.- Eleven corpses were found in all over Baghdad : 9 corpses in west Baghdad ( Kharkh bank) ; 2 in Doura , 2 in Hurrya , 2 in Yarmook , 2 in Amil , 1 Saidiya . 2 corpses in east Baghdad ( Rusafa bank) ; 1 in Aamen , 1 in Husseiniya. SalahuddinDhuluaya- At dawn , a joint forces ( Iraqi police and American army) surrounded Al-Bu Handhal village near Dhulaya area having 52 suspected in custody .Balad- Around 8 am, gunmen shot someone dead on the motorway of Balad.Biji ( north of Salahuddin) - Early morning , police found unknown dead body who was shot and tortured in the downtown Biji.- Around 7 p, Brigadier general ( Abdullah Isa ) the head of Salahuddin is abducted by gunmen in Biji ( north of Salahuddin). Diyala - Shortly after mid-day, gunmen attacked a mini bus carrying female students passengers near Kharnabat check point north Baquba while they were coming back from their college killing one and injuring 5. - Around mid-day, mortar shelling and Katusha missiles launched on Muhammad Al-Sakran area in Ban Sa'ad district (south of Baquba) killing one civilian and injuring 3. - Around 1 pm, gunmen opened fire on a civilian car at Jirf Al-Milih north of Baquba injuring a woman seriously and she was transferred to the nearby hospital. - A security resource said that a police patrol had found a human head which was identified later that the head belongs to a worker who was kidnapped by gunmen 3 days ago. Kerbala- Today's updated report of yesterday's explosion in Kerbala is :68) killed ; 5 children, 5 women , 5 foreigners ( 4 Indians and 1 Iranian child) and the rest are men including 5 policemen( including 2 officers ) 178) injured ( 20 women , 158 men including 6 policemen). Basra- Around 10 pm, a car bomb exploded in Hayaniya neighborhood ( Jamiatt) near Al-Saed restaurant killing at least ten civilians and having some injuries as an official resource said. This place had witnessed a similar attack last year with twenty civilians killed.