Roundup of violence April 27

Attachments: View As Web Page Roundup of violence April 27Baghdad- Around 1 pm, a mortar shell hit Shulla neighborhood injring 2 civilians.-Around 3 pm, a roadside bomb exploded in Nahrawan neighborhood killing 1 and injuring 1. -Around 5 pm, mortar shelling hit Jisr Diyala neighborhood (east of Baghdad) without casualties.- Around 5.30 pm, mortar shelling hit Shulla neighborhood (north west Baghdad) without casualties -Seven(7) corpses were found all over Baghdad: ( 4) in east Baghdad( Rusafa Bank) ; 2 in Kamaliya and 2 in Adhamiya While (3) found in west Baghdad ( Kharkh Bank ; 2 in Amil and 1 in Doura.Kirkuk- Around 8.45 pm of yesterday night, a roadside bomb exploded in Al-Wasiti neighborhood in Kirkuk targeting a police patrol injuring one civilian who was nearby and damaging the police car.- Around 9 pm, five civilians were injured when unknown person threw a grenade inside a café in Mesla neighborhood in Kirkuk .- Early morning , a suicide bomber exploded himself near a check point at Zanazeel neighborhood in Kisk district( north of Kirkuk) killing 4 policemen and injuring 5.- Around 10 am, a roadside bomb exploded in a village east of Musil killing one civilian and injuring 3.- Three corpses were found in Kirkuk by the police ; one is found at 6.30 am in Rahimawa in Musil on the main way to Arbil, the second is found at Rubaidha near Daqouq in Kirkuk and the third is found near Qazan Blakh (west of Kirkuk). All the corpses are transferred to the morgue of Kirkuk . Basra- Yesterday night and early morning , Basra international airport where the British base was a target for indirect fire for thee times (10 pm, 3am and 9 am) without knowing the damages.