Roundup of Iraq Violence -- March 28, 2007

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. Itís posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchyís Washington Bureau.


-- Around mid-day, a car bomb hit Bayaa junction. Two killed and 10 injured.

-- Around 9 am, a mortar shell hit Raghiba Khatoon neighborhood . A civilian injured.

-- Around 9.30 a.m., Binook neighborhood was hit by a mortar shell. One woman injured.

-- Early morning , a quarrel between two tribes had led to a fight . Two killed and six injured from both sides.

-- Around 4 p.m. a roadside bomb killed three civilians in Al-Mahmudiya city (south of Baghdad).

-- Around 7 p.m. a suicide car bomber drove a car into the headquarters of the Iraqi army in Hay Al-Jamia'a near Mula Hiwaish mosque killing one soldier and injuring 3. -- At sunset, two mortar shells targeted Al-Sha'ab neighborhood injuring two civilians.

-- the manager of observation and accuracy of the general customs committee was kidnapped near his office as he was leaving.

-- In the afternoon a roadside bomb hit a policeman at Al-Saadoun street.

-- Students from Hasawi tribe were prevented from going to their schools this morning in Muqdadiya (north east Baghdad) by terrorists who threatened them with death.

- A roadside bomb exploded near a shopping district in Muqdadiya causing damages to the shops in addition to killing one civilian.

-- A roadside bomb was foiled in a Muqdadiya alley today.

-- Around mid day, gunmen burned a truck on the highway of WaisñMuqdadiya and the driver's fate is unknown.

- A squad from the fifth division managed to foil a car bomb in a stalled car near a checkpoint of Jalwla- Sadiya and Khanaqeen road junction.

13 corpses were found around Baghdad, 4 in Risafa (eastern) and 9 in Karkh (western): 2 in both Ilamm and Doura and one each of the following areas: Mahmoudiya, Kadhemiyah, Zayuna, Al-Qanat street, Jisr Diyala, Hurriyah, Nahda, Amil, Saydiya.


-- 17 families were forced from their homes in Khalis on Tuesday by gunmen belonging to al Qaida. Two Kurdish families and 15 Shiite were told they'd be killed if they didn't leave the area.

-- Gunmen from Al-Qaida abducted the head of Jalawla district communications department on Monday. A security official said today the announcement was delayed for investigation purposes.

-- After midnight, two soldiers were injured near a check point in eastern Baqouba (north of Baghdad) by terrorists using machine guns.

-- At dawn, one civilian was killed and two others injured when mortar shelling hit Kinaan town.

-- Around noon, eyewitnesses found bodies left on the road at Zaghnia to the north of Baqouba.

Battle was ongoing between the towns of Kibaa and Chalabi according to a Multi-National Forces spokesperson. The towns were among the first to declare loyalty to the Islamic State of Iraq.

-- Two corpses were found inside the house of the former Diyala chief commander.

-- In the afternoon, a civilian was assassinated by gunmen in Baladruz. a policeman from the city said the victim was a former vice officer with no details.


-- Early this morning , two policemen were injured as a result of a car bomb near the first check point in Shurqat.

--Around 8 am a roadside bomb hit a Humvee vehicle that belongs to the Iraqi army (Battalion 3/Brigade 2/Division 4) near Al-Zara bridge on the way between Tuz and Tikrit. Only one soldier was injured in that ambush.

-- Around 9 am A car bomb exploded near a check point of Al- Shurta Al-ulaa in Shurqat.

-- An official from the 4th division in Tikrit said that his division had found weapons inside on of the houses in Tikrit and have four suspects in custody inside the division's headquarter.

Salah ad Din province

-An official from the Biji local police said that an American helicopter fired on a restaurant near the highway northern Biji. Two Iraqi patrols went to the scene and reported that one man aged 20 had been killed and delivered to Biji hospital. The U.S. military said the man who was killed was planting homemade bombs.

- Gunmen disguised with police uniforms kidnapped a policeman from his house in Iqedat.


-- A policeman was killed and another injured by a car bomb at Riyadh district of Kirkuk province last night ( Tuesday 27/3/2007).Police said that that bomb placed near the electric supply office of Al-Riyadh district targeting a police patrol .

- Gunmen riding a sedan car attacked a policeman from Adala police station who was on his duty in the street. He was injured in that attack and taken at once to hospital.

- Experts from Irooba police were able to foil a roadside bomb near a school today.


-- Last night, two British soldiers were injured in two separate attacks during their daily patrols in northern Basra according to the spokeswoman Captain Kate Brown of the multi forces said. The patrols had been attacked by machineguns and RPG7's in Al-Najibia(10 kilometers to the north of Basra).

-- Early this morning, one British soldier was injured by a sniper in downtown Basra. A British helicopter sent to pick him up was attacked by machinegun fire.