Roundup of Iraq Violence -- March 31, 2007

The Iraq violence report is compiled daily by McClatchy Newspapers in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. Itís posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchyís Washington Bureau.


-- Around 10am: three policemen injured by roadside bomb explosion. The bomb was targeting their patrol in Hey Al Amil neighborhood south west Baghdad.

-- Around 10am: a parked car bomb near Al Sadreen hospital in Al Sadr city east Baghdad claimed the lives of 5 civilians and injured 22.

-- Around 12 pm: a US vehicle was disabled by an IED explosion that targted an American convoy in Al Bonok neighborhood east Baghdad.

-- Around 1 pm, American forces killed a mother and her child while they were walking in Al Saidiyah neighborhood south Baghdad.

-- Around 3 pm, an IED exploded in Sleikh neighborhood north east Baghdad. No casualties recorded.

-- Around 4:30 pm, 2 civilians were injured in an IED explosion that targeted the civilians in Al Obeidi neighborhood east Baghdad

--Around 4:45 pm, a mortar shell fell in Adhemiyah neighborhood east Baghdad without causing any casualties.

--Around 5 pm, an insurgent threw a grenade in a park in Al Zafaraniyah neighborhood south east Baghdad where children play soccer, injuring two of them.

10 bodies were found in Baghdad today. 8 bodies were found in Karkh, the western part of Baghdad in the following neighborhoods (3 bodies in Doura, 2 bodies in Hay Al Amel, 2 bodies in Mamoun, 1 body in Hurriya.) 2 bodies were found in Risafa, the eastern part, one body in Amin neighborhood and another body in Fudheliyah neighborhood.

Salah Ad Din province

In morning, a car bomb exploded in Toz in northeast Salah ad Din in a place where workers gather. The explosion killed 2 and injured 11 all of them were civilians.


-- Around 9:45am: a car bomb exploded in front of Bab Mashhad gas station near by the gate of city cinter, killing 2 and injuring 22 civilians.

Diyala province

In morning: medical source said ìwe received 4 dead bodies and 2 injuredî from Al Botoama village in Al Salam area. the victims were shot last night during clashes with gunmen near their village.

-- Insurgents from Al Bazool village attacked Al Anbakia and Al Bo Toama villages last night. The clashes killed 2 and injured 2 from defenders. An American helicopter raided another group that was supporting the attackers and killed 2 of them.

-- A security source said that three civilians were killed by inusrgnets in Al Muíalimeed neighborhood west Baquba while a fourth civilian was killed in Muqdadiya town east north Baqouba.

--Two insurgents were killed in clashes with the security forces in Door Al Majoon neighborhood west Baqouba.