Roundup of Iraq Violence -- April 6, 2007

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. Itís posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchyís Washington Bureau.


- Around 10.30 am a roadside bomb exploded in Al-Saidiyah, west Baghdad, (Tijari street) damaging two civilian cars.

- Around 11, a roadside bomb in Al-Saidiyah, west Baghdad, (the main road) injured two civilians.

- Before noon , gunfire was heard in Al-Doura, west Baghdad (near the silo) causing three injuries.

- At noon, gunmen attacked a police patrol without casualties.

- Around 1.30, a roadside bomb targeted an American patrol in Al-dawlay (Hurriya neighborhood) (north Baghdad) without knowing the casualties.

- Around mid-day a mortar shelling hit the area near Al-Nisour square (near Al-Mansour neighborhood), injuring 4 civilians .

- Around 2 pm , a mortar shelling targeted Al-Shurta Al-Khamsa (west Baghdad),injuring 1 civilian .

- Around 3 pm a mortar shelling hit Al-Mahmoudiya district (south of Baghdad), injuring 1 civilian.

- Around 4.30 pm, three Iraqi soldiers were killed in Shulaa when gunmen attacked them near a checkpoint in the area.

- Around 5 pm, a civilian was killed by an American patrol in Al-Adhamiya neighborhood (north Baghdad) without knowing the reason behind that icident.

- Around 5.15 pm a chief engineer in Al-Rashid municipality was assassinated near his house in Al-Saidiya neighborhood (west Baghdad).

- 11 unidentified corpses were found in Baghdad: West of the Tigris: 2 in Abu Ghraib, 2 in Bayaa, 2 in Amil, 1 in Mansour,1 in Hurriyah, 1 in Mahmoudiya, 1 in Yarmouk. East of the Tigris: 1 in Sadr City.


- Yesterday night, gunmen killed an Iraqi officer of the border guards and injured two of his body guards near Khanqeen, near the Iranian border, as he was going back home. The major was a Kurdish official of PUK (Patriot Union of Kurdstan) and a former member of Peshmerga.

- During a raid by joint U.S.-Iraqi forces in north Baqouba (Suaamra, Jubainat and Ameen) soldiers found some terrorist hiding places, some weapons and captured several leaders. The American source also added that the cell members who exploded a car bomb in Hiwayder town are with them in addition to a fugitive policeman who was wanted for killing 15 policemen through his cooperation with terrorist groups.

- At dawn, Sunni extremists were seized in one of Bani Saad villages for last summer's explosion at the Mustafe mosque which sparked sectarian fighting.

- Late Thursday, two men who commited many crimes in Baghdad and Diyala were in custody of AL-Khalis emergency forces.

- At dawn, a squad from the Iraqi army and some tribes (Shimar Sikook tribe) rescued four officers who'd been abducted by Sunni insurgent groups in Hamadat and Bani Zaid villages south of Kinaan.

- Two bodies were delivered to the morgue of Baqouba hospital (one from Baquba and the second from Muqdadiya).

- Around 5.30, two terrorists were killed and their car was burned when a clash took place between them and a police patrol in Al-Muradiya village (in Bani Saad).

Salah ad Din

- Early morning, 9 students were killed in their mini bus in Hawija twown when gunmen opened fire on the bus of 13 passengers who were going for the technical institute in Kirkuk.

- Before noon, a roadside bomb targeted a police patrol in Hawija injuring 4 policemen, three of them seriously.


- Around 6 am, a joint force (American aircraft with Iraqi forces from Diwaniya, Najaf, Kut and Hilla) began a large operation in the downtown of Diwaniya (Jimhouriya, Iskan, Irouba, Nahda) against gunmen in the city. The clashes are still happening and have injured 21 and killed 4. Residents also reported that three armored vehicles were destroyed.


Yesterday night, the British forces in Basra injured one gunman when it returned fire after being attacked by gunmen using machineguns. no casualties on the British side.

- Yesterday night and early morning, the British base inside the presidential palaces had been attacked by indirect fire without damages.

- 5 p.m. yesterday (Thursday), the Rumayla oil pipeline 50 km west of Basra has been damaged by a bomb.