Roundup of Iraq violence -- April 7, 2007

The Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. Itís posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchyís Washington Bureau.


- Around 9.15 am till now clashes between gunmen and the Iraqi army in Al-Fadhil neighborhood near Bab Al-Muatham killed a guard of the municipality directorate of Al-Rusafa with two civilian injured.

- Around 10 am a roadside bomb exploded in Ishreen street in Bayaa neighborhood injuring two civilians.

- Around 1 pm a roadside bomb hit an Iraqi police patrol near Al-Tariq fast food in Palestine street killing one policeman and injuring 2.

- Around 1.30 pm, a roadside bomb exploded near Al-Riwad junction in Mansour neighborhood causing damages to the shops injuring three, one of them a woman.

- Around 1pm, a mortar shelling hit Zaafraniya neighborhood injuring two civilians.

- Around 1.30 pm, a mortar shelling hit Al-Dhamiya neighborhood without casualties.

- Around 3.30 pm, a roadside bomb exploded in Rashdiya neighborhood without casualties.

- Around 4.30 pm, a mortar shelling hit Bayaa neighborhood injuring three civilians.

- Around 5 pm, a mortar shelling hit Amil neighborhood injuring two civilians.

- Around 5.20, a woman was killed by a sniper in Swayb in Shurta Al-Khamsa (west Baghdad).

- Around 6 pm, a car bomb parked in Hamza square exploded near Jula Nar restaurant, killing one civilian and injuring 5.

- 12 corpses were found, all of them in Kharkh, or Baghdad west of the Tigris river: 2 in Mansour, 2 in Amil, 2 in Bayaa, 2 in Saydiya, 2 in Khadraa, 1 in Ilaam), 1 in Taji.


-Around mid-day, 4 wanted men were in custody of the multinational forces after a raid that uncovered a weapons cahce and neutralized a car bomb. The raid began Friday noon and was still ongoing Saturday in Balour, Aali, Al-Jazeera and Hay Al-Mualmeen neighborhoods in Muqdadiya district north east of Baqouba.

-Around 10 am, armed groups rushed into Kinaan market place in Baqouba, forcing 21 shop owners to leave their shops and burned them under gun threat. Damages were a million Iraqi dinars.

-Late this afternoon, two civilians were injured as gunmen opened fire with machineguns on the governorate building which is protected by security patrols.

- At dawn, terrorists burned dozens of date and fruit orchards in Ulbiat (about 100 acres). The men came from Abu Tamr district in Khalis (20 km north of Baquba).

-- 11 mortar rounds fell on downtown Baqouba causing some damages to the buildings in the area. The area was shelled Friday afternoon and evening too.


- Before Friday noon a roadside bomb hit an Iraqi police patrol on the road of Hawija-Ranja (south west Kirkuk). one policeman was killed and three injured with the vehicle destroyed.

- Last night, one of Daquk (40 km south of Kirkuk) court judges was killed in mysterious conditions near Qara Taba village in Diyala.

-- Last night, a roadside bomb exploded in front of one the liquor's shops on the Baghdad-Kirkuk highway, damaging several shops in the area.

-- Around 10 pm of Friday night, gunmen attacked a house in Domiz using a grenade, damaging the house only.

Saturday evening, 7 terrorists (inclding three princes)were killed, 8 wounded and two arrested after fighting between terrorists and a joint U.S.-Iraqi force. The joint force arrived after a call of help from the residents of Dojma village who saw two policemen killed on the way to their village.

Around 7 pm , 9 corpses were found on the main road of Al-Hashmiyat village (west Baquba). Those bodies were of employees of Diyala electric company who were kidnapped three days ago near Al-Aswad village on the highway between Khalis and Baquba.

Salah ad Din

-Around 2.45 pm, a car bomb parked near Samarra's old petrol station exploded as an Iraqi commandos patrol passed by, killing 6 members of the squad.

- Around 6.30 pm , four policemen injured when gunmen fired on the headquarters of the Tikrit traffic police.

- Around 7pm , one engineer and two technicians were found dead after they were kidnapped by gunmen on the way of Suleiman Bek south of Tuz (northeast of Tikrit).


_ Clashes are still going on in the city of Diwaniya under a new joint operation called Black Eagle. Many leaders and foot soldiers of the Mahdi army have left the city. 15 were killed (including two Mahdi militants) and 32 injured during the fighting throughout the day. Two houses were also destroyed in Al-Jamhouriya and Askri neighborhoods. A spokesman at the Sadr office accused the U.S. military of human rights abuses in the battle as they weeded out gunmen. A police source said that American reinforcements had reached the city and were positioned outside. An American squad entered the downtown of the city and were using a robot to neutralize bombs on the roads.


Last night, a roadside bomb exploded when a British patrol was in Al-Hussein neighborhood (west Basra) injuring two soldiers and causing damage to their armored vehicle

- Early this morning, a roadside bomb exploded in Safwan (40 west Basra) killing a boy as he was passing by the road.

- A little boy was rescued from his three abductors who are in custody of the police.