Roundup of violence in Iraq - 17 April 2007

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondent Hussein Kadhmim in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. Itís posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchyís Washington Bureau.


- Around 10.45 pm , clashes between gunmen and joint forces of the Iraqi army and the American took place killing one civilian and injuring another one.

- Around ,two policemen were injured during clashes between gunmen and policemen on the main road of Mansour neighborhood ( 14th of Ramadhan street).

-Around 11.30 am, clashes took place between the Iraqi arm and gunmen having one injury with the army side.

- Around 12.00 pm, a roadside bomb targeted an American convoy near the road of Baghdad international airport ( in Amil district) having one vehicle damaged on the American side and one civilian injured ( a child).

- Around 1.30 pm, mortar shelling targeted Amiriya neighborhood near the print (at Al-Amel Ashabi street)killing one civilian and injuring 4.

- Around 1.30 pm, a civilian was killed by the American fire near Al-Qadisiya neighborhood without knowing the reasons behind that incident .

- Around 2pm, 5 corpses were found in Jisr Diyala river ((east of Baghdad).

- Around 2.15 pm, a roadside bomb exploded in Al-Qadisiya neighborhood without casualties .

- Around 4.30 pm, gunmen attacked the headquarter of ( Iraqi Islamic party) in Amiriya neighborhood destroying the building without casualties .

- Around 5 pm, gunmen attacked the headquarter of ( Iraqi Islamic party) in Ghazaliya neighborhood destroying the and the neighboring houses without casualties .

- Around 5.30 pm, mortar shelling targeted Doura neighborhood ( street No.60) injuring 4 civilians.

- Around 6 pm, a roadside bomb targeted a police patrol injuring 4 policemen.

- Around 6.30 pm, gunmen attacked civilians in Al-Salam neighborhood near Amil ( west of Baghdad) killing one civilian and injuring 3 .

_ 25 dead bodies were found all over Baghdad:

Kharkh Bank( western Baghdad) 14 : 5 in ( Doura), 4 in ( Amil) , 2 in ( Bayaa) , 2 in (Mamoun), 1 in ( Shulaa) . Rusafa Bank ( eastern Baghdad ) 11 : 5 in Jisr Diyala , 5 in Suleihk and 1 in (Sadr).


-At dawn of Tuesday , joint forces of Iraqi forces and Americans raided a mosque in Al-Khwalis town of Al-Khalis (15 km north of Baquba) having the Sheihk of the mosque , his brother and ten of the villagers in custody accusing them of opening fire against an American patrol the night before

- Early morning, two civilians were killed and 5 injured when 25 displaced families returned to their houses in Abu Saida town of Al-Muqdadiya (45km north east of Baquba) who were attacked by gunmen.

- Early this morning , four civilians were injured when mortar shelling fell at Nahr al-Imam ( Imam's river) town of Al-Muqdadiya (45km north of Baquba).

- Around 11.00 am, a policeman was injured when gunmen attacked him in Qusaibaa( suburban of Baquba).

- Around 11.30 am, five employees of Baquba hospital were injured when the hospital was a target for mortar attacks .

- Last night ( Monday night April 16) , a barber was assassinated and a civilian injured when gunmen attacked the barber's shop at Wahid Huzairan( June1)neighborhood .


- Yesterday night ( Monday evening April 16) , a member of the town council of Hawija ( south west of Kirkuk) had been killed when gunmen attacked his car while he was on the way between Kirkuk ñ Biji ( north of Baghdad) and his son injured in the accident as he was with him in the car.

- Around 10am, a roadside bomb targeted an Iraqi police patrol in Al-Baath neighborhood in Kirkuk injuring one policeman and a civilian.

- Around 10.30 am, a roadside bomb targeted a police patrol in Domiz in Kirkuk having no injuries. Salahuddin

- Early this morning , dozens of gunmen were in the police forces custody during an operation in Al-Qala region of Jabal Himreen with their weapons and vehicles in their haunts. Musil

- Around mid-day, the deputy of Musil directorate police has been killed with twoof his guards in the downtown of the city by gunmen.

- Around 1pm, the Iraqi army has the reporter Hilal Ahmadi in custody who is the spokesman of Al-Nasri party without knowing the reasons behind it.

- Around 4 pm, a tanker driver who has a tank filled with oil and explosions made its way into Tal Al-Rumana police station in Amil neighborhood ( south Musil) having a big blast without any details.


- Monday night, a British soldier was injured when his base inside the Basra international airport ( 20 km north west of Basra) had two separate attacks by mortar shelling and Katusha missiles.

- Around 6 pm, the headquarter of the Iraqi Islamic party in Khadra neighborhood was destroyed in addition to the former ones in Amiriya and Ghazaliya.