Roundup of violence in Iraq - 1 December

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondent Mohammed al Awsy in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. Itís posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchyís Washington Bureau.

Violence . 1st / 12/06 .

∑ at 9 o'clock this morning a car bomb detonated at AL HUSSEINIYAH area eastern outskirts of Baghdad near a local market , 2 civilians were killed and 17 others were wounded .

∑ at 10 o'clock this morning another car bomb detonated it was left by the roadside in JAMHURIYAH street at city centre near AL GHAZEL birds market , 3 civilians were killed and 20 others were wounded .

∑ clashes started this morning at HAYFA street [ karkh] area between unknown gunmen and joint forces [ american and Iraqi army ] it lasted until noon , 1 iraqi soldier was killed , 5 others were wounded and 28 suspicious men were arrested .

∑ at 5 o'clock this evening mortar fell at RASHDIA area north east Baghdad [ outskirts ] 4 civilians were killed and 3 others were wounded .

∑ 20 dead bodies were found in all over baghdad today .

1 in sader city , 1 in bub al sham , 1 in rashdia , 1 madain , 3 hayfa street , 3 doura , 2 amil , 2 bayaa , 2 jihad , 1 saidiyah , 1 adil , 1 kadhemiyah and 1 in hurriyah .

diyala province .

for the first time since 9 months ago no incidence were reported today [ Friday ] at the security apparatus and at the morgue specially in baquba and generally diyala province .

the forces of the fifth division have carry out their checkpoints and patrols at the main roads and intersections in baquba after taking over the security from the Iraqi police since last yesterday evening [ Thursday ] .

the high security council of diyala province decided mid last week to give the security file to the Iraqi army and withdrawal the Iraqi police from the city streets and checkpoints to reframe and clean it or purify it from the bad once and to train it by the latest ways to fight the terrorists , make raids and arrests without making costs .

Additional violence . 1st / 12 /06 . According to the mayor of SINJAR area [name: DAKHEEL KASSIM] 170km west of MOSUL , 14 kurdish shiite farmers were killed today by unknown gunmen in AUM AL THEBAN village in sinjar area , when their families came to bring them food to eat, they found them dead at the farm and their personal cars were stolen and no further information was given yet .