Roundup of violence in Iraq - 3 December

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondent Mohammed al Awsy in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. Itís posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchyís Washington Bureau.


∑ according to a statement from MP office today , the Iraqi army forces with a support of the MNF have arrested a member of a terrorist group in HAY AL JEHAD area [ Baghdad ] he is responsible of many IED's and car bombs attacks against the Iraqi security forces , also arrested 5 suspicious people and confiscated many guns .

∑ according to a statement from the MP office , the Iraqi police forces with the support of the MNF a search was done in KARADA area [ RUSAFA side ] looking for a car bomb cell , a ready car bomb ready to explode was found and a hiding weapon shelter with a different kind of weapons was found .

∑ at 8 o'clock this morning an IED exploded at the civilians in MOHAMMED AL KASIM highway eastern Baghdad , 6 civilians were injured .

∑ at 9:30 this morning one mortar fell at AL GHARBIA secondary school in BAB AL MUATHIM area [ city centre ] , 10 civilians were injured .

∑ at 5 o'clock this evening a car bomb exploded in AL KAHIRA area north east Baghdad it was left by the roadside , 3 civilians were killed and 15 others were injured .

∑ today 50 dead bodies were found in all over baghdad . 10 were found in different places of sader city , 3 in mada'ain , 2 new Baghdad - 1 adhemiyah , 2 mashtal , 2 kamaliyah , 4 doura , 3 abu atsheer , 3 saidiyah , 4 amil , 2 bayaa , 2 jihad , 2 risala , 2 kadhemiyah , 3 ameriyah , 2 khadhraa , 2 mansour , and 1 hayfa street .

BASRA province . According to a security police source from basra police lieutenant colonel KAREEM AL ZAIDI , 2 civilians were killed this morning in basra in a clashes between the British forces and unknown gunmen in HAY AL HUSSAIN area west basra .

DIYALA province . ∑ according to the joint coordination centre in diyala province that the armed groups which have the full control of the situation in baquba city have assassin today the appeal court manager of diyala province HASSAN HUSSAIN HADI and his 3 sons just 250M away from the building of diyala governorate and at the same time diyala officials were having a press conference inside the building .

∑ the same source said that a civil man called NAZAR AL RUBAIEE was kidnapped today in JURF AL MILEH area which this area is surrounded by 3 army checkpoints .

∑ according to a medical source from MUQDADIAH hospital 45km north east baquba that the hospital have received this afternoon 2 unknown dead bodies and were brought from the main highway in EMAM WEAS area , the 2 bodies were tortured , and 2 other men were killed today , one of them is a barber in MUQDADIAH area by unknown gunmen.

∑ According to an Iraqi military source from the 5th division in diyala province that a joint unit from the 5th Iraqi military division with MNF have killed 4 terrorists and arrested 38 in a raid and search campaign yesterday in AL GATOON , MAFRAQ and HAY AL MOAALMEEN area in baquba , 2 of those who were arrested were holding an Egyptian ID's , those arrested were responsible for planting IED's , sniping , kidnappings and killings .

KARKUK province . The police chief of LILAN area 3km south karkuk escaped from an assassination attempt , he was injured but 2 of his bodyguards were killed and 1 iraqi soldier was killed and 3 police were injured , according to police chief of districts brigadier SARHAD KADER that he police chief of LILAN area west karkuk colonel BOLA MOHAMMED escaped from an assassination attempt by a suicide man , the police chief was injured , 2 of his guards were killed and one of the Iraqi army officer called SAAED RASHEED who was with the police chief was killed , it happened when a suicide man wearing an explosive vest exploded himself when colonel BOLA MOHAMMED arrived at LILAN checkpoint .

MOSUL province . According to general WATHIQ MOHAMMED ABDUL KADER AL HAMADANI [ police chief of mosul province ], 2 policemen were killed and 1 was injured when a car bomb with a suicide man exploded at the police emergency battalion in HAY AL TAHREER east mosul .

The same source said that a clashes happened between unknown gunmen and the Iraqi police in HAY AL BAKER area and AL ARBAJIA area west of mosul , 4 gunmen were killed and 2 others were injured , after that the Iraqi forces blocked the 5 main bridges which links the two sides of mosul and the Iraqi forces were spread at the city joined with an American helicopters .